Footnote 8: Is the Bishops’ Conference Turning the Corner?

In Footnote 8, Chris Manion discusses that at the annual meeting of the USCCB in Baltimore last week, bishops signaled that the focus on “Social Justice” that has prevailed for several decades might be changing to a focus on teaching the fundamentals of the faith to the faithful.

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Christopher Manion

  • SoCalChick says:

    I found myself at odds (again) with the Bishop’s support of amnesty and began to research a bit to learn ‘how’ they arrived at their complete dismissal of rule of law.
    Here’s how:
    Who is Cynthia Smith, Esq., Immigration Policy Advisor to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops?
    What groups does she claim affiliation with on her Linked in page:
    Society for International Development (SID) Group

    Created in 1957, the Society for International Development (SID) is a unique global network of individuals and institutions concerned with development which is participative, pluralistic and sustainable.

    In its pursuit for social justice and institutional change, SID plays an important mediating and facilitating role among progressive civil society groups, connecting activists, intellectuals, academics and policy-makers working at community, national and international level. All of SID’s activities, which provide opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and information, are informed by the belief that such changes can only be achieved through dialogue and constructive engagement

    Progressive keywords: sustainable | social justice | progressive | connecting activists

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