All Are Welcome? Gay Orgies at the Vatican? St. John Chrysostom has an answer

By John B. Manos / July 7, 2017 /

No doubt you’ve already read many reports of the police arrest of a high ranking Vatican monsignor. The police raided a debauchery of cocaine and “lusts among men” occurring in the apartment of Cardinal Coccopalmerio. This Cardinal has publicly stated that the church should emphasize the “positive” aspects of homosexual relationships. I don’t really need to bring…

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SPECULATION: Pope Francis, Chinese Bishops, SWIFT, and Benedict’s Resignation

By John B. Manos / June 22, 2017 /

I have a pretty interesting idea about what might have been happening last month when Pope Francis (the Vatican) was discussing how Chinese Bishops are selected with the Chinese Government. VATICAN DESPERATE TO MAKE DEAL “AT ANY COST” Recall, that back in February, news reported that Cardinal Zen feared that Pope Francis was selling them…

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