Weeping Statue of Mary in Israel? Probably not.

In the past couple of days news stories have sensationalized the story of a statue at the home of a Greek Orthodox family in Israel. Ordinarily, Greek Orthodox don’t have statues, rather they have icons. There’s some controversy among orthodox on the propriety of icons, in fact, so it’s surprising to see this. The raw […]

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How the Local Greeks Commented on the Weeping Icon

I have not found or heard further news on the Icon of St. Michael that had been weeping in Greece. I have found a few comments from Greeks there about the weeping icon. Said the priest at the Church home to the icon:  “it is a message for all of us that we must be […]

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FOLLOW UP: Architectural Office reports Weeping Icon not Tampered

LALYSSOS, Greece, a small village outside Rhodes, is home to the weeping icon of St. Michael we reported on earlier this week. Yesterday, Rhodosreports.gr posted a letter from the Greek Architectural bureau that reports the results of their investigation of the wood, veneer, and paint of the icon made because of a request by the […]

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