The Cordileone Kamikaze Run is a Hit

Beginning with Humanae Vitae, a strange inability to speak has throttled the Church particularly in America. Whether is was Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Jennifer Granholm (who ran for Governor of Michigan supporting abortion and was a lector at her parish!), this demon has struck dumb the ability of American bishops to speak. Even with Joe Biden, we saw this paralyzed, unable to speak behavior. As of 2020, one third of the $150 million revenue realized by the USCCB came through the immigrant grants they administer. Some assert that the money the democrats pour through the USCCB to support immigrants (50 million dollars) is enough to keep them silent. I don’t think that’s enough, but the contrary position reminds me that Judas settled for a mere 30 pieces of silver. I think it truly is like the man in Luke 11 who was dumb… Our Lord will have to come cast the demon out. But recall what happened: Our Lord expels the dumb spirit from the man, and immediately the others accuse Him of doing this marvel by the work of Beezelbub, the devil.

So it is with San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone when he drove the dumb spirit out and spoke clearly regarding Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. I do not need to list the reams of evidence detailing her public support and advancement of abortion. We all know it, because we have watched her and many others, some listed above, parade their “Catholic” faith as a selling point to the voters all while advancing grave acts, such as abortion. Even a child knows this is scandal (but see Cardinal Arinze below describe it better than I can).

Last week, Cardileone released a statement detailing his decision to instruct the priests of the archdiocese to deny giving Holy Communion to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi should she present herself for communion at their parish. As we can now expect, the moment any priest or bishop does anything that even remotely affirms the Catholic faith, they are attacked. The invectives against him began immediately (on cue), but the narratives had been set a year prior by neighboring San Diego Bishop McElroy. Bishop McElroy, quoted in an L.A. Times article on May 9, 2021 (that’s a year ago), was accusing such a move as “weaponizing the Eucharist.” This was in response to a letter where Cordileone was advancing that the bishops must speak on Joe Biden. McElroy took to America magazine with the charges:

McElroy, in a statement published Wednesday by the Jesuit magazine America, assailed the campaign to exclude Biden and other like-minded Catholic officials from Communion.

“It will bring tremendously destructive consequences,” McElroy wrote. “The Eucharist is being weaponized and deployed as a tool in political warfare. This must not happen.”

2 Catholic bishops in California at odds over Biden receiving Communion, L.A. Times, May 9, 2021

Well, Cordileone figured out how to cast out this dumb spirit, and did it last week, thank God. Today, the mushroom cloud has blossomed and we can see fallout all over the U.S. — Direct hit, sir. We can tell because they are accusing him of being the devil.

Some twelve or so bishops have publicly stated support for Cordileone. That’s it? Yes, just like Jesus, Cordileone is given a lot of only 12.

I can’t help it, but I said in response last week that Nancy will just go to Mass in D.C. now… Sadly, that appears to have happened… she is allegedly going to the same Jesuit-run parish that Joe Biden attends:

Nobody has been able to get a response from the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. (cat got their tongue? can’t speak)… and then today, Washington Examiner reports (DC archdiocese accidentally sends blunt response on Pelosi Communion ban) that the Archdiocese accidentally sent them an email saying they are ignoring all requests for comment! Here’s the middle of the report, but go see the article yourself — it’s astounding!

Will Cordileone get Sacked for Speaking Out?

One thing we know in the current church, doing the right thing can often result in being removed from office, early retirement, promotion to Siberian sees, and similar misfortunes.

Meanwhile, rest assured that Archbishop Cordileone has done the right thing… besides being accused of all sorts of mischief (just as they did with Jesus), here is a clip of Cardinal Arinze describing this all years ago in 2003 at Catholic Familyland — enjoy!

Your Turn: what will happen?

Tell me in the comments what you think will happen to Cordileone… Secret apostolic visit that results in being removed (such as what just happened in Puerto Rico)? Will he be sent away for virtual lobotomization? Will he be promoted to an arcane position in the Vatican? Or yet some other fate of AmChurch design?

Thank God for his clear speech. May Our Lady protect him!

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John B. Manos

John B. Manos, Esq. is an attorney and chemical engineer. He has a dog, Fyo, and likes photography, astronomy, and dusty old books published by Benziger Brothers. He is the President of the Bellarmine Forum.
  • Joan Pernicano says:

    Everyone who agrees with Archbishop Cordileone needs to reach out to those 12 or 13 bishops and thank them for supporting him. Nothing travels faster than bad news. Let’s counter with the good news that we support the archbishop, too.

    • John B. Manos says:

      Don’t forget to say your rosary! That’s the other weapon Our Lady said we’d have — one is the Blessed Sacrament, and the other is our rosary!

  • Bill Crumrine says:

    Thank God, Archbishop Cordileone had the courage to take on self-aggrandizing, ugly, old bag the likes of Nancy Pelosi. If we just had more Churchman with such courage

    • John B. Manos says:

      That’s the problem though! Now that he’s done something so basic that even a child understands it must be done, he has only 12 supporting him. Where are the others are why aren’t they do the same thing in their own dioceses? Worse, why are others attacking him? This one little act is exposing the issue Our Lady of Akita told us would come: “the church will be full of those who accept compromise such that we will see cardinal again cardinal, bishop against bishop”. Cordileone only did what every bishop ought to do, but we’ve become so accustomed to silence that it looks extraordinary!

  • A Seeker says:

    “Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and render to God what belongs to God!” The Archbishop is doing what he is HIS Duty! He renders HIS life to GOD!

    • John B. Manos says:

      It’s amazing the times God has put us in — 100 years ago, if a bishop in this situation had not acted, the other bishops would have been helping him to act. Today, doing just the basic duties of shepherding are extraordinary and merit great reward.

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