Dear Supporters, Friends, and Allies for the Truth,

We have changed our name from The Wanderer Forum Foundation to The Bellarmine Forum. Our publishing name remains The Wanderer Forum Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit corporation founded in 1965 to advance the teachings of the Catholic Church. Among the efforts the Wanderer Forum Foundation has encouraged over the years, and will enthusiastically continue to encourage, is The Wanderer, the nation’s oldest, and most effective, Catholic newspaper.

The Wanderer Forum Foundation is now redoubling its efforts to promote the Catholic Faith. One thing we have been lacking, however, is a patron saint. But no more. We are placing our public activities under the patronage of St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J. (1542-1621), a Doctor of the Church and a defender of faith and reason, the natural law and papal authority. The Wanderer Forum Foundation will henceforth use Bellarmine Forum as the name of all its public activities including this website, blog, and social networking endeavors. That change will enable the Wanderer Forum Foundation to support more flexibly and more effectively various champions of Catholic Truth, including The Wanderer newspaper.

It is especially appropriate that our first issue of the Forum Quarterly named after St. Robert Bellarmine initiates our intensive examination of the social teachings of the Church, including those teachings on marriage, the family and the economy which are under direct assault from the agents of evil today. In future issues of The Bellarmine Forum we will tell you much more about this great saint for our times who is a fitting patron for the work we seek to do to advance Catholic Truth.

Please join us in a union of prayer to St. Robert Bellarmine for his intercession to bring grace on that work, on our country, and on our Church.



Charles E. Rice,
Bellarmine Forum, Inc./
Wanderer Forum Foundation, Inc.


p.s. – our new logo is very catchy:

The Bellarmine Forum Logo

Logo for the Wanderer Forum Foundation’s new name, Bellarmine Forum. Same great fight, new name and patron saint!

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Charles E. Rice

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