Catholic Social Teaching and The Common Good

Part of the renewal of the temporal order to which Catholics are called involves an understanding of man’s ultimate Common Good, God Himself, and the need to direct our actions toward attaining this Good in an increasingly secular society. In examining the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church as promulgated over the last 120 years, The Bellarmine Forum magazine presents a clear roadmap for societal restructuring, based on human dignity, respect, and truth.

The Bellarmine Forum magazine is published by The Bellarmine Forum, Inc. (formerly known as The Wanderer Forum Foundation). The Foundation began in 1965 to promote and defend true Catholic teachings and educate Catholics in their Faith. The Forum’s national and regional conferences and published materials represent some of the finest Catholic thought in the last 30 years. Now operating under the patronage of the great Jesuit, St. Robert Bellarmine, the Forum will continue its efforts in the service of the Church.

“Many in the field of Catholic social activism work energetically for the temporal common goods of peace and justice, and yet fall mute when it comes to the order that society should have to God Himself, the most universal Common Good.”–Dr. Arthur Hippler, Chairman of Theology, Providence Academy

“Now is the time to speak of human obligations along with human rights, bottom up as well as systematic solutions, and the rise of a Catholic economy as an evangelical light in our age of darkness.”–Richard Aleman, Editor, The Distributist Review

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John M. DeJak

John M. DeJak is an attorney and Latin teacher and works in academic administration. He writes from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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