Father CJ Reviews “Adam and Eve After the Pill”

By Christopher Manion / September 1, 2012 /

Fr. C. J. McCloskey delivers in a rave review of Mary Eberstadt’s terrific book that documents the damage done to the culture by the rejection of Humanae Vitae. Social science now proves what Pope Paul VI predicted — now many non-Catholics and even non-Christians agree, as her painstaking research reveals. By the way — have…

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Helen Gurley Brown — With A Twist

By Christopher Manion / August 29, 2012 /

Dawn Eden has an interesting piece on the Cosmo Girl’s decadence, and a curious and hopeful turn at the end of her life. On a societal level, the fallout from the Cosmo philosophy helped turn modern Western society into what John Paul II described in his “Letter to Families” as a “culture of use,” where…

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Bravo Bishops!

By Christopher Manion / August 24, 2012 /

Bishop Paul S. Loverde, of Arlington Virginia,recognizes with Pope Benedict XVI that in recent years Catholics have often been poorly catechized. So in his diocesan newspaper this week he explains his recent decision “to have all of the diocese’s catechists and teachers of religious education make a public Profession of Faith” — a decision which…

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Where Is Catholic Charities USA?

By Christopher Manion / August 24, 2012 /

The usual suspects are mocking pro-lifers mercilessly because an obscure politician garbled a sentence in a TV interview (so that’s news??!!). Yet the issue has now been raised — what will become of the children of women who are raped? Why shouldn’t they be aborted? Apart from all the other back-and-forth, why haven’t the bishops,…

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portrait of Pope Paul VI extending a blessing and seated

Canonization Near For Paul VI, Author Of Humanae Vitae?

By Christopher Manion / August 13, 2012 /

“Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi said he hopes to see the late pontiff raised to the altars soon,” reports CNA/EWTN News. Supporters of our prayerful petition to our bishops supporting Humanae Vitae can pray to Pope Paul VI, and resonate his plea to his brother bishops — “We invite all of you, We implore you, to give…

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Implementing Humanae Vitae: Good Women Religious Are Leading The Way!

By Christopher Manion / August 9, 2012 /

In my hometown, and right down the road from Bellarmine Forum president Charles Rice, the Franciscan Alliance, which operates 14 hospitals in Indiana and Illinois, is leading the way. As of July, the alliance began offering a natural family planning benefit to all employees– the result of a suggestion from the employees themselves! Of interest: Franciscan…

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New Priorities for the Bishops?

By Christopher Manion / August 6, 2012 /

They’ll be better than the old ones, writes R. Michael Dunnigan in Catholic World Report: “During the last third of the previous century, serious Catholics in America increasingly came to wince at the news that the body of their bishops had issued a new document. The reason was that the bishops’ most notable pronouncements in…

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Chicago Cardinal George Filets City Hall

By Christopher Manion / August 5, 2012 /

Francis Cardinal George, OMI, has weighed in on the recent Chicago Chick-Fil-A fiasco. Here’s the background: Last week Chicago machine Alderman Proco Moreno (D-1st Ward) threatened to deny Chik fil-A’s zoning application for a restaurant in his ward because the company’s owners actually believe in the sanctity of Christian marriage. Petulant Proco pouted: “If you…

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The Fifth Commandment appears in text

The Bellarmine Forum Launches The Campaign For Humanae Vitae

By Christopher Manion / July 25, 2012 /

Tomorrow, July 25, is the 44th anniversary of the promulgation of Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI. See the important article by Dr. Charles Rice, the president of the Bellarmine Forum, tomorrow in Crisis Magazine. Then be sure to sign our petition for Humanae Vitae. And don’t forget to pray for our bishops!

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The Bishops, The Laity, and the Budget

By Christopher Manion / April 24, 2012 /

Over the course of the past year, some leading American bishops have come to acknowledge publicly that the task of particular politics belongs with the laity, not the hierarchy. Nonetheless, the massive momentum of the marriage of the bishops’ conference to the Democrat Party is hard to shake off. Witness the attacks on House Speaker…

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