Was Today First Saturday? or… No First Saturday this month?

If Annunciation, an immovable feast, was moved all the way from March 25 to April 8th, this past Monday, then that must mean that any other immovable feast, and similar votive intent is moved as well, correct?

Last Saturday was the first Saturday in April. But, because that was low Saturday, it was not proper to celebrate Annunciation yet. Does that mean first Saturday was not proper to celebrate then, too?

I can’t see how, if Annunciation was denied, first Saturday wasn’t denied, too. That would mean one of two things: either today was the day for the first Saturday votive Mass, or first Saturday didn’t exist this month.

Good Luck Finding a Saturday Mass

If you can even find a Mass proper to Saturday in your diocese — the overwhelming majority of parishes listed on masstimes.org have no saturday Masses. Instead, the listings are overwhelmed with votive Masses for Sunday. So much for daily communicants — you can pretend there was Mass while you wait in line for that 15 minute Confession window held during the time the music director is practicing the hymns for the vigil Mass on the piano and guitar, and the busybodies scour the sanctuary talking about whatever. I wonder sometimes how it is that nobody noticed the casualty of Saturday votive Masses in the wake of Vatican II.

It is one more way in which the weirdness of forcing everything to Sunday has made so much collateral damage. Is daily Mass really something that should be celebrated once a Month? Why isn’t Saturday Mass celebrated every week? …in every parish? Should first Saturdays be moved to Sunday, since they fall on Saturday?


The first Saturday devotion is just another one of those things that has been jettisoned. I’ve seen some parishes here and there in various cities that will go out of their way to advertise Mass being available for the devotion. I wonder what they did last week, though. Did they do it today? Or was April a scratch?

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John B. Manos

John B. Manos, Esq. is an attorney and chemical engineer. He has a dog, Fyo, and likes photography, astronomy, and dusty old books published by Benziger Brothers. He is the President of the Bellarmine Forum.
  • Faith says:

    I am pretty new to the Catholic faith. (7 years) And there is a lot about this post that I don’t completely understand. But I have wanted to go to 5 First Saturday Masses for Our Lady. Since my parish only has vigil Mass on Sat., I have wondered if that “counted.” I thought I could just go to a different parish in my area for an actual Saturday Mass. But I didn’t realize that almost no parish has Saturday Mass now.

    I turned one the very first day that the Novus Ordo became the norm. (Nov. 30, 1969) That was a terrible birthday present. Every single day I ache for tradition.

  • Faith – God Bless you! Yes, I think in the instance where there is no daily Saturday Mass available, how you handled it is the best thing that could have been done. You are right to feel deprived by this, however.

    I’m sorry it is this way where you are. It’s a plague all over the country save for a few dioceses. Father Hardon used to say that although Our Lord promised that Mother Church will survive to the end of time, He did not extend that promise to be in every diocese (!).

    My article is a bit sarcastic and draws on the earlier articles linked — I am mostly complaining that the “sense” of moving things around as is done makes for absurd situations (such as whether last week was properly first saturday).

    Regarding first Saturday, though, please enjoy this quote from Fr. Hardon in an interview he did years ago. Says Fr. Hardon,

    “Devotion to Our Lady on Saturdays goes back to the beginnings of the Church. I believe that principal sin for which the five First Saturdays should expiate is the sin of unbelief or disbelief or infidelity. Our Lady was venerated on Saturdays from the early Church. Because on the first Holy Saturday, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday Our Lady’s faith — among all the followers of Christ — was the only one that remained absolutely intact. Because of this were born three names for Saturday through the centuries – Our Lady’s Day, Mary Day and Faith Day. The First Saturdays are especially for the sins of unbelief but, particularly for those who have abandoned their faith because they wanted to do their own will. They rationalize their immorality by writing books defending their infidelity.”

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