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BFP 003: Landon DePasquale on his conversion, Mary, and the Shimabara Rebellion

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Show Notes

Landon DePasquale and Manos sit down to talk about his trip to the Catholic church from low church evangelical roots.  Manos discovers that he stammers in these podcasts, but gets awestruck as they discuss how the Blessed Mother has a military plan that involves flanking the Turkic belt (by which he means the Hunnic expanse).

Landon brings a new piece of the puzzle as they discuss the Shimabara rebellion, where Catholic in Nagasaki Japan made a stand for rights in society over two hundred years ago.

example of one of the banners mentioned by Landon:

This episode is one of the three for the re-launch of the podcast.  (Thank you for the Hail Mary prayers…  we’re on iTunes!)




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