BFP 002: Fr. Anthony Mary OFM Conv talks about Kolbe, Rattisbonne’s conversion, Chicago, and Our Lady

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In this second episode of our re-launched Bellarmine Forum podcast, Manos sits down with Friar Anthony Mary, a conventual Franciscan in Chicago.

They talk about St. Maximilian Kolbe in 1917, and events in Italy where Masons marched onto the Vatican singing hymns that Lucifer will reign and make the Pope their slave.  Inspired by the conversion of Ratisbonne, Kolbe found a perfect response and set out to teach us how.

An interesting topic develops on Mary’s military strategy for the battle of the 20th century…

Finally, a practical tip for anyone wanting to get started on the way to being a faithful help to our Blessed Mother.

Show Links are coming (we are going to post the conversion story and will link here).

This episode is one of the three for the re-launch of the podcast.  (Thank you for the Hail Mary prayers…  we’re on iTunes!)

As we get this kinks worked out on this new podcast, please try the player above.  If it fails to work, let us know in the comments.

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  • Paula says:


    Is there a way to post a transcript of this talk/conversation? Much easier for me to read and share. Thank you.