BFP Parish Closings! Codependant Chickens Come Home to Cincinnati

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Cincinnati’s past ignoring heterodoxy and heresy have caught up to it as Archbishop Schnurr rolls out a PR consultant led “Beacons of Light” crisis communications program designed to steer public opinion, but there is a much better (and far cheaper) way he could be fixing the problem instead of papering it over.

Audio Chapters

00:00 – Show Open

00:22 – Modern Commentators Ignore (or don’t know) History

00:36 – First Hand Cincinnati History

01:54 – Bernadin and Pilarczyk’s Seminary

04:22 – Ratzinger’s Brief Clean Up of Seminaries

05:40 – Barbara Fiand, teaching Women’s ordination in the Seminary

06:48 – Progressive Modernists Unchecked in Cinincinnati

07:39 – 90’s Cincinnati, Confession Wasn’t Necessary

08:48 – 5 Womyn “Consecrating” the Host During Mass

09:39 – Pilarczyk’s “Advancement of the Laity” (rejected by ratzinger in 97)

13:16 – Schnurr Inherited this Mess – Disclaimer

13:32 – The Mysterious Removal of “Sister” Akers Right Before Schnurr

15:03 – She was “Numb” – because no action against error had existed for decades

16:08 – Eric Sammons lives there, goes to my old parish, and still doesn’t get it

16:42 – The Chickens: Unchecked Gnosticism, Modernism, and Error

18:53 – Ignorant Commentary Ignores the Chickens

20:04 – Father Hardon: Church Won’t Survive Where rampant Annulments and Contraception

20:51 – Past Cincy Bishop: Eucharist is Just a Symbol of Community

21:39 – If Mass is just community, it doesn’t take a prophet to see it will fail

21:56 – There are some signs of hope around Cincinnati

22:07 – NCCB “Are We Host Gazers or Host Partakers”

22:53 – Mercy Nuns and Reiki Touch Anyone?

24:29 – Schnurr inherited the Titanic

26:24 – Schnurr’s First Letter (on the “Beacons of Light” website)

28:35 – Oblique PR formula, Generalizes the Problems away from the intentional subversion of faith

29:24 – Of course parents don’t encourage vocations — the lay people think they are the priests now

29:37 – Letter Fails to Deliver a Realistic Problem Statement

31:09 – Dysfunctional Codependant Happy Face Language

33:12 – PR Formula, Crisis Communication Proposed Solution

34:00 – Treating Symptoms, but Ignoring the Problem

34:19 – Yes, The Plan Can Fail, there’s no promise that the Church will survive everywhere (North Africa anyone?)

35:17 – Consensus Management — you can comment — they already know what they’ll do

36:01 – An example of the Tone Deaf US Church — ignoring the problems of decades

37:01 – My two cents: Try Speaking Like A Bishop instead of being a consultant

37:26 – Schnurr’s Second Letter

38:26 – Who Cares what Catholics want? We need Sacrament factories and Reliable Catechism

39:08 – The Clash to Come: Concentrating Heterodoxy and Error into the Beacons of Light

40:17 – Bishop Talk: “centered on the Eucharist”… it doesn’t mean what he thinks it means

41:32 – All the Things NOT said and Missing from the letter

41:56 – The FAQ section reveals the misfocus of consultants

43:05 – How it Should be “Top Down” instead of what the consultants wrote. How Schnurr should have focused this

44:21 – It looks like a resignation to Continued Decay

45:27 – The funniest thing the Consultants said shows they are wrong

47:17 – The Real “two ways lay people should be involved”

48:00 – Wrap -up (Fr. Hardon and a story about Fatima)

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