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Show Notes

Show notes for this podcast episode. The solution to women priests is here.

Lent Meditations have been upgraded.

The new images come from a large set by the late James Tissot. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then these depictions of will help you engage in the Passion of Our Lord — just looking at the from page of the Bellarmine Forum, and looking through the images will help you recall the events of Holy Week and the suffering Our Lord endured — guaranteed to engage your mind’s eye and your heart. Also, as visitors to the website have noticed — there’s an aggressive sign up panel that appears encouraging our readers to have these meditations delivered by email. Lent is short and life is busy — having the meditations conveniently delivered personally to you makes it easier to accomplish the Goal of Lent: to deepen our love of Jesus.

“No Jesuit Sources”

I had to laugh when I received an email from a subscriber to the lent meditations by email. All it said was: “No Jesuit sources”.

I can’t blame them for the suspicion! After all, look at this ad being run by Fordham University on Facebook right now:

screen capture of a Fordham University ad depicting a woman wearing pink clerics and a roman collar with the text “Our DMin is designed so you can work while preparing for the next level of leadership.”

We’ll talk about Jesuit tricks in today’s episode as we get into solving the Women Priest mess and Vatican policies in China.

But, to answer the concerns of the listener, our lent meditations were prepared by a Jesuit who lived in the late 1800s into the early 1900s, Fr. Richard Clarke, S.J. They are meant for busy lay people to provide effective food for meditation and reflection — and they are quite astounding competent at producing resolutions to improve ourselves or learn more of Our Lord. Rest assured, Fr. Clarke is surely not like the mess you see today. Give him a chance!

Other reliable Jesuits include Fr. John Hardon, Fr. Vincent Micelli, Fr. Pacwa, and Fr. Paul Quay, among others (including Fr. Spitzer).

Reader asks, “What is AMDG?”

This is a great question. Gone are the days when we could take for granted that people know about these little methods of reminding ourselves to have God on our minds and to start all activities with a reliance on His assistance.

A.M.D.G. literally is latin “Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam“, to the greater glory of God. It is often accompanied by B.V.M.H., latin “Beatae Mariae Virgine Honore” – to the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is an old practice, and it is intentional — just like the mention of Our Lord or Our Lady at the beginning of every episode — we are to always call on God for His assistance, as Our Lord says “without me, you can do nothing.” That’s true — the only thing we can do on our own is error and destruction.

Secondly, writing is intentional — you can speak without thinking, but you must think to write. You’ll see AMDG and BVMH atop and afoot nearly every page of the Bellarmine Forum. We mean it.

Thanks be to God for the Listener Praises

I was pleasantly surprised and humbled when I recently encountered advice among Catholics: “this lent avoid all sensationalist Catholic media, Podcasts, news and magazines.” At first I chuckled because I thought maybe we just won’t do an episode this Lent… But comments underneath the discussion mentioned this very podcast:

  • it’s not clickbait noise
  • I like it because it’s not full of crappy music and effects
  • planning to binge listen this lent

Thank God! Another listener contacted me thanking me for the densely informative episodes and easy going nature of the discussion.

With God’s help, we’ll keep going and get even better!

Gender Confusion Began with the USCCB and ICEL

A friendly reminder as we discuss this news today, It was the USCCB that began in the 80’s to push the notion that we must remove God’s pronouns. They claimed that pronouns were sexist, and that God has no gender.

Bishop “Troutperson” (Troutman) was a champion of this push in the era of the late 90s into 2000. Inclusive language, the ICEL, and constant compromise with insanity happened in the Church first. Remember that.

Today, we have the “Pronouns Are Hate” crowd

I can always rely on the National Catholic Reporter to succinctly epitomize the insanity of the day. I have to admit that they are really good at it, and so reliable in fact, that I almost wonder if they aren’t paid to be the epitome of Marxist (*ahem*) modern critical thinking (we shan’t call them marxists anymore, they’ve softened their labels to progressive ideological justice warriors).

Just searching their site for the word “pronouns” provides a rich feast — almost too rich for lent. Some highlights of what you’d find:

“the idea that God can be referred to by multiple gender pronouns — or transcends gender altogether — is common in many Christian circles.”

When religion was present — and notably absent — at the impeachment trial (Nat Cath. Reporter, Feb 16, 2021)

No – not by anyone who believes God revealed Himself to us. Or the ICEL committee.

“Sotelo intentionally wrote Pray Your Way Through Forgiveness as a trauma-informed text and without gendered pronouns for God — an attempt to make the text accessible to groups for whom forgiveness is a fraught topic, such as abuse survivors.”

‘Pray Your Way Through Forgiveness’ is a gentle, trauma-informed guide, (Nat. Cath. Reporter, Dec 20, 2020)

“God’s presence in the love for their child is manifest when they make their best effort to use the name and pronouns that honor the truth of the child’s gender identity.”

Responding responsibly as parents of transgender children, three dynamic movements (Nat. Cath Reporter, Jul 7, 2020)

These last two imply that it is harmful to use gendered pronouns. Worse, to call God Him/He. This is reflected in the letters they print:

“Not all “persons” of the Trinity are designated male. The first time the Spirit is mentioned in Genesis, the ending for ruah is feminine. When the spirit is spoken in Greek the name is Sophia. This is 2019. Isn’t it about time we begin to recognize the diversity of gender in the Trinity?”

Your thoughts on despair, abortion laws, married priests and more (Nat. Cath Reporter, Aug. 2, 2019).

Yes, perhaps this person writing to the commissariat hadn’t realized that the USCCB/ICEL had been promoting genderless pronouns for God for nearly forty years at that point. They are right — it’s 2019, for Heaven’s sake! They’ve been wanting this for forty years! LOL

“Toxic Masculinity” is the Basis?

You can search the National Catholic Reporter and find similar examples for topic masculinity and the progression beyond old models of the masculine…

Without Comment, Women’s Sports Come to mind

Image of a Women’s basketball player:

The images are a screen shot of Facebook posts of Gabrielle Ludwig, born a male, but now a woman playing women’s basketball. You’ve seen this with Caitlin Jenner.

Just like with the liturgy, one merely declares their pronouns, and *PRESTO!* you can be what you like.

Women Priests

Again… just throwing out there that anything insane you can imagine today can be found on the National Catholic Reporter. Searching women priests on the site leads to an author page for Janice Sevre-Duszynska. She is:

“Janice Sevre-Duszynska is a priest in the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, peace and justice activist, and a retired teacher.”

JANICE SEVRE-DUSZYNSKA author page on Nat. Cath. Reporter

The “Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests” describes itself this way on it’s meta-description for the website: “The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests (ARCWP) prepare and ordain qualified women and men to serve the people of God as priests.”

Let this speak for itself:

screen shot of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests website showing a group of eight people, seven of whom wearing liturgical garb as if celebrating an AmChurch “celebration”


Seeing how women’s sports are, and the example above as well as many others online, why not tell the priests to identify as women?

Problem solved, right?

After all, if this is all just verbal engineering, and changing pronouns, then there is no crisis apart from people using the wrong pronouns. Easy.

But this gendermandering verbal engineering begun by the USCCB ICEL commission is not confined to the United States.

China is Putting its Foot Down on “Sissification”

China has been issuing findings that the identity of males in China are influenced by pop culture and being “sissified.” They want it to stop.

In a YouTube video published by Navyhato, on the channel “Black Pigeon Speaks”, he has gone into great detail of Chinese pushback to the “sissification” (their words) of their young boys. CAVEAT AUDITUR: This author is not Catholic and he speaks in the vernacular — I don’t think anybody would be scandalized. Frankly, it’s refreshing to see trends analysts seeing problems clearly and fleshing them out.

View the video here:

The Chinese findings report that men are being feminized, and they blame certain CIA programs as well as the influence of Japanese pop culture on Chinese society. In a nutshell, the video reveals intentional efforts to place “sissified” effeminate pop stars — as well as social pressure to treat this as new masculinity — is resulting in a destruction of young men in the country.

The government is taking active steps to teach young boys how to be boys again.

Now, given what we’ve discussed about the Church above, and this stance of China against the cultural war to destabilize their society, one could reach the conclusion that Church influences are sympathetic to this attack on the stability of masculinity.

Meanwhile, New China Rules Eliminate Pope’s Role in Selecting Bishops

As has been warned of here, and more fervently by +Joseph Cardinal Zen, faithful Catholics in China are brutalized.

Catholic News Agency reported this past week:

“China’s new “Administrative Measures for Religious Clergy” will go into effect on May 1. The rules were translated by the magazine Bitter Winter, which reports on religious freedom conditions in China.

“Under the new rules, the state-run Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CCPA) will be responsible for selecting episcopal candidates. The candidates will then be “approved and consecrated by the Chinese Catholic Bishops’ Conference.”

“The rules do not mention any role of the Vatican in approving bishops, despite the 2018 Vatican-China agreement reportedly involving both Chinese authorities and the Holy See in the process of appointing bishops.

“In 2018, the Vatican reached an agreement with the Chinese government on the appointment of bishops; the terms of the agreement, which was renewed in Oct., 2020, for two more years, have never been fully revealed.

Report: Vatican not mentioned in China’s new rules on bishop appointments (Catholic News Agency, Feb 15, 2021)

I’ve discussed the earlier version of the “deal” attempted on the China-Vatican relationship (using the payment clearing access as a pressure point for leverage in the bishops selection). It wasn’t until 2018 that we saw apparent acquiescence of the Vatican, however.

“No Jesuit Sources”, please.

I come back now to the ad by Fordham University:

Trust me, this is a genuine ad. I looked up the Facebook page for Fordham University and found the ad in their official Facebook page:

Click the image to see full size — screen capture of the Fordham University ad – it was one variant of three.

There you see all the issues above, plus several more wrapped up into one image. That is an advertisement paid for by Fordham University, which is going to charge a lot of money to undertake that program… the ad says it all.

No Jesuit sources indeed. Fortunately, we still have access to the good ones.

But this mess started with the ICEL, and verbal engineering to say that God has no gender. As we can see, if He has no gender, then none of us do, either, right?

It almost makes me think that anyone can become Catholic by simply identifying themselves as one… Oh wait… Didn’t we already see that with the Bishops falling over themselves to support Joe Biden and hide his support of abortion as a factor in the election? … I stand corrected.

It’s almost as if Chinese are Saying, when it comes to bishops in China, “No Jesuit Sources, Please”.

Today’s Mass readings mention God’s formation of the rainbow as a sign of the new covenant after the Great Flood — recall that among the instructions God gave to man after the flood was that “sex is to be between a man and a woman.”

The earth has seen the gender mess before… That didn’t go so well, did it? Yesterday was the feast of Sts. Jacinta and Francesco Marto, the child seers of Fatima. May they pray for us!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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