Bishop Schneider in Cincinnati (Pictures of Pontifical Mass at Old St. Mary’s)

This past Wednesday and Thursday, Bishop Athanasius Schneider was hosted by The Cincinnati Oratory. On Wednesday, he spoke at the annual dinner. On Thursday, he celebrated a Pontifical Mass in the traditional rite at Old St Mary’s Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, the home of the Cincinnati Oratory, in celebration of the canonization of the Blessed John Henry Newman.

The Pontifical Mass begins with a procession and vesting of the bishop. This process symbolizes the removal of the Bishop’s secular clothes and the vesting with the sacred, in preparation for the sacred.

My pictures from the dinner weren’t very interesting, but I wanted to share the pictures of my old parish. I’ve mentioned Old St. Mary’s in the past, and someday I’ll write a post on the turbulence I witnessed from the 80’s into the 90’s while Bernadin and Pilarczyk sought to unravel this traditional parish.

Pictures of the Pontifical Mass for the canonization of St. Cardinal John Henry Newman

Slideshow of Pictures

Pictures of Bishop Schneider’s talk the night before

Here are some pictures from the Annual Dinner of The Cincinnati Oratory

The images are my own and may not be reproduced without written permission.

A personal boast: this cherry frame was built with my own hands some 23 years ago. It made me happy to see Saint Nicholas still welcoming visitors to Old. St. Mary’s!

me in the center vestibule next to a cherry frame I made 23 years ago. Thanks be to God.

Serendipity that Bishop Schneider Would Come to Old St. Mary’s

It made me happy to see such a beautiful Mass in Old St. Mary’s again. Bishop Schneider’s talk at the dinner was on St. John Henry Newman, and his homily at Mass was more. It was fitting in many ways that he was here. Bishop Schneider has concerns for those who feel abandoned or isolated because of wayward prelates. Old St. Mary’s has a lot of that in her past. Somehow, though, this parish, with many things indulgenced by Pope Leo XIII, still has special graces and Heavenly favors to have such a shepherd from Kazakhstan be part of it!

Our Lady of Akita, pray for us!

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  • Kelly Shannon says:

    AWESOME to see Fr. Philip Johnson celebrating this Holy Mass with Bishop Schneider!

  • Stephen Schutte says:

    Thanks for the great pictures, John.

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