The Catholic Church and the Obama Nation

By John M. DeJak / July 24, 2011 /

Never before in its history has the United States been so secular and godless. Never before has there been such hostility—overtly and covertly – toward not only the Catholic Church and her teachings, but also toward common sense.  This, unfortunately, is the program of the Obama Administration.  Indeed, it is not inappropriate to say that…

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What Happened to Notre Dame?

By John M. DeJak / July 6, 2011 /

When the University of Notre Dame announced that President Barack Obama would speak at its 2009 Commencement and would receive an honorary doctor of laws degree, the reaction was more than anyone expected. Students, faculty, alumni and friends of Notre Dame denounced the honoring of Obama, who is the most relentlessly pro-abortion public official in…

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Citizens of the Heavenly City: A Catechism of Catholic Social Teaching

By John M. DeJak / July 6, 2011 /

What is Catholic Social Teaching? Oftentimes Catholics hear conflicting voices as to what exactly this essential teaching of the Church is. Now comes a solid textbook for studying that rich tradition of the Church’s doctrine; nay, more than a textbook, it is a handbook for applying the truth of Christ to the moral problems of…

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Adoration is the Way to Go

By Charles E. Rice / June 23, 2011 /

Are you sick of politics? Consider the derivation of the word. Some say that “poli” means many and “tics” are little blood-sucking creatures. The profession of politics, of course, is honorable. But, whatever side we were on in the recent elections, we can be excused if we suspect that politicians don’t have all the answers,…

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The Winning Side

By John M. DeJak / June 6, 2011 /

Is it possible to build a culture of life in the United States? At least 40 million Americans have died by legalized abortion, euthanasia is accepted practice, and a pagan culture is hostile to morality and family. Professor Charles E. Rice of Notre Dame Law School says we can build that culture of life. In…

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A Commentary on the U.S. Catholic Conference

By Stephanie Block / September 28, 2010 /

A Commentary on the U.S. Catholic Conference I. Introduction II. National Religious Partnership for the Environment A. NRPE Background B. NRPE Partners C. NRPE Work III. Environmental Activities Directly Produced by USCC A. USCC Department of Social Justice and World Peace B. Environmental Justice Program IV Environmental Activities and Programs Supported Indirectly through USCC-Associated Organizations…

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The Sacred Priesthood

By admin / June 23, 2005 /

The Sacred Priesthood By FR. JOHN ZULSDORF In the small space allotted here, I cannot linger over the profound depths of each and every point I could make about God’s design for our salvation, the role of mediation and why God chose that His gifts to us should be extended through mediators, the mystery of…

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The Sacrament of God’s Infinite Mercy

By admin / November 23, 2000 /

The Sacrament of God’s Infinite Mercy By Fr. James Buckley, F.S.S.P When he looks at the cross, the sinner sees Love Incarnate, bruised, derided, cursed and defiled. Why, he asks, have you, my God, suffered such unspeakable torments? And the answer of the Crucified is: “For you and for your sins.” If any Catholic thought…

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The Holy Eucharist: Source of Holiness

By admin / April 8, 2000 /

The Holy Eucharist: Source of Holiness  By Fr. James Buckley, F.S.S.P Address given at the St. John’s, Newfoundland Forum, April 8, 2000  “The Lord Jesus, the same night in which He was betrayed, took bread, and giving thanks, broke and said: ‘Take ye and eat: this is My Body, which shall be delivered for you:…

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The Underground Call to Action

By Stephanie Block / December 1, 1999 /

Forum Focus: Winter 1999 (Vol. XII, No. 1) Stephanie Block If internal heresy were likened to a disease, how might one image its progressive assault against the Body of Christ? Its errors embed themselves within the members of diocesan staff and in parish leadership, from where they spread through polluted catechesis, workshops, and homilies. The…

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