Calling Jesus a Liar: Anglican Style (which is twenty years behind AmChurch fashion trends)

It was over twenty years ago, at a daily Mass in Cincinnati (the head of the AmChurch hydra), when I first heard someone try to pray the “Our Mother” prayer. They also liked to say the Suscipe with the fantasy option, ending it with the “her Church.” [that was the older english form at the time, so naturally it didn’t use the word “holy” before church… of His holy Church. I said it anyway]. It was a nun doing it – no habit – you can picture her without my assistance – close cropped butch hairdo and all. I asked her one time why she did that, and she said that the bishop permitted inclusive terms to refer to God. I asked her why she didn’t like the way Jesus taught us to pray it. If memory serves, the conversation ended abruptly with that question.

Today, the Anglicans, which always seem to be behind the times, have some fancy sounding groups calling for a formal change to references to God. Just like Fr. Hardon said in neopaganism, since the mind makes reality, why not? They are discovering what God means for them. Whatever God said of Himself be damned in their view. I love the titles of committees here: Transformation Steering team! Why does fantasyland love to use transition teams? I digress. Here’s the report:

Bishop Libby Lane at Chester Cathedral Photo: Heathcliff O’Malley/The Telegraph (from the Pravoslavie article linked below)

Following on the heels of its election of its first female bishops, rising voices within the Church of England are calling for a move away from traditional Scriptural and liturgical language of God as male towards a more “expansive language and imagery about God,” as the “Transformations Steering Group” wrote in their petition to the synod of bishops. It is claimed that some priests have already begun quietly referring to God as “she” and “mother” in hopes of appearing more “inclusive,” although any liturgical changes would require the approval of the General Synod.

Source: Anglican women’s group calls for God to be referred to as a Woman / OrthoChristian.Com

Jesus referred to His Father. Jesus taught us to call God “Him.”  These guys just aren’t happy with that, so they must be following some other God (themselves), and calling Jesus a liar.

May God have mercy on us!

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John B. Manos

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  • Sad, but so true. Not even cafeteria style, where you pick what you want, and leave the rest. Now they want to create their own menu as well.

  • It is “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”…and Mother Mary will always be “Our Mother”…end of story…anyone who believes differently is waaaay out of whack!

  • susanna says:

    20 years ago? Iy yi yi! You can tell them by that spaced-out look in their eyes, trying to see through the scales.

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