Democrat Prayer “Amen & Awoman” is a Product of USCCB inclusive language

I remember the days of inclusive language fights before the ICEL and USCCB back in the day… The champion was Bishop Trautman…err.. Troutperson. There was an incessant need to remove “man” and his, and anything of masculine reference from liturgical texts…

The joke was then, back in the late 90s was that “Amen” was sexist, we need “Awoman”:. The joke was solidified in a book published in 2003:

Smile Awhile, Fr. Albert Joseph Mary Shaman, CMJ Marian Press (2002) at page 29.

It was a joke, though. Father’s book is full of them.

Smile Awhile Book listing on Amazon

I mentioned in the most recent BFP episode that the bishops brought all this gender confusion to the world by inclusive language. And that now Speaker Pelosi vows to remove gendered terms, such a husband, from the law.

Little did I know that the Congress ended prayer with “Amen & Awoman.” It is truly the goals of ICEL inclusive language realized! LOL

Amen & Awoman… The ICEL inclusive language dream!

Coincidentally, Bishop Troutperson also appeared in the “covert white supremacist” report also mentioned in the podcast:

And then, from earlier rants on the ICEL destruction (again featuring Bishop Troutperson):

In fact, often times, it seems that the Catholic commentary has a history that starts in 2008 or so. The ancient history to which I refer is back in the 90s when all the rage turned to inclusive practices, such as washing women’s feet. After all, the churches had been whitewashed, Communion was being distributed by high-heel donning teens in miniskirts, theology was reduced to inane sentimentalities etched on felt banners adorned with elementary geometric shapes. And the readers were no longer deacons or priests but ex-nuns with a chip on their shoulder, and yoga flunkees that raised their hand to indicate it was time for the congregation to respond. ICEL had destroyed, literally, the liturgical texts, and Bishop Troutperson was beating the drum to change the texts further to eliminate references to gender. What else was left? Altar Girls were busy primping in the sanctuaries that had their rails and gates removed in order to make them more accessible to the laity.

All the liturgical abuses seem to be spilling over to secular life… I suppose we will have interpretive dancers for legislative sessions now, too.

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