Their Gifts: (3) Myrrh – Christmas Meditation Day 21 (Jan 14)

Their Gifts: (3) Myrrh

Balthasar brings Myrrh for Baby Jesus.

1.  Myrrh is the herb used most largely for embalming.  It has the power to prevent corruption and preserve the purity and freshness of the body which is in contact with it.  It was offered to Our Lord as a testimony not only of the perfect and unsullied purity of those to whom He is united by the bonds of charity, but also in evidence of the power of His sacred body to save from corruption those who partake of it in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. 

2.  Thus myrrh was offered to Our Lord as possessing a true human body, as truly Man as well as truly God.  We must never lose sight of this fact of Christ’s Humanity, that He has all the sympathy and interest in all that concerns us that we have perhaps received from some kind earthly friend, all His desire to help us, all His wisdom, prudence, patience, appreciation of our griefs and sorrows; and all this to a degree compared with which our best friend on earth does not deserve the name.  Why do I not have recourse to Him more? 

3.  Myrrh is also the symbol of mortification.  If our bodies are to be pure, we must mortify our evil desires and give up what is very attractive to our lower nature.  If we desire great purity of heart, we must mortify ourselves in things lawful, and deny ourselves even what we might enjoy without sin.  Do I do this?


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