Their Return Home – Christmas Meditation Day 22 (Jan 15)

Their Return Home

1.  Before the Magi left Jerusalem for Bethlehem, Herod had enjoined upon them that they should return and tell him where the new-born King of the Jews was to be found, declaring that lie, too, desired to come and adore Him.  Hypocrite and treacherous liar that he was, his real object was to destroy his supposed rival.  He made no scruple of planning the murder of one who might possibly supplant him.  Those who love worldly honor are always unscrupulous.  It has the power of blinding the eyes and deadening the conscience, and making men esteem evil good and good evil. 

2.  The Magi seem to have been deceived by Herod’s fair, words, and to have promised to return with the information he desired.  Good men are always unsuspicious of evil.  We all judge others by ourselves.  If you want to know your own character, ask yourself whether your judgment of others is a charitable or uncharitable one. 

3.  When the Magi had finished their visit to Bethlehem, they prepared to return to Herod.  But an angel warned them to avoid the city where he dwelt, and to go back to their own country by some other way.  We need never fear lest our charitable judgments should do harm.  God will provide against this; it is our harsh and severe judgments which are productive of so much evil to ourselves and others.

The Three Kings (Magi) avoided Herod and got out of dodge


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