Their Journey – Christmas Meditation Day 15 (Jan 8)

Their Journey

Some estimate that the Magi travelled as much as 1200 miles to follow the star to Jesus!

1.  The journey of the Magi from their own country to Palestine, just because a star appeared in a certain quarter of the heavens, was very like a fool’s errand.  Was a mere floating tradition a sufficient ground for undertaking a long and costly journey?  Were not their duties at home of more importance, and had they not a greater claim than this strange apparition which tempted them away?  What is folly with man is often wisdom with God.  How often have similar arguments been used to deter Protestants from making their submission to the Church, and to dissuade Catholics from consecrating themselves to God!  Perhaps I may sometimes have followed the dictates of mere worldly wisdom, neglecting supernatural grace. 

2.  The star led the Magi on till they arrived at Jerusalem, and then it disappeared.  In the bustle of the city no star, in the palace of Herod no star.  The busy hum of the crowd seems to be a hindrance to God’s holy inspirations. 

3.  Did the Magi, under these circumstances, accept the situation and devote their time to the sights and wonders of the Holy City?  No, nothing would satisfy them except the fulfillment of their mission.  What a lesson to us who are so easily diverted by worldly things from seeking after God!


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