March 24th — St. Joseph’s Inner Life.

24th Day. — St. Joseph’s Inner Life.

1.  The inner life of the soul depends on the closeness of the union with God.  None of the saints, save only the holy Mother of God, was ever so closely united to the will of God as St. Joseph.  None so prompt in obedience.  None so perfect in patient resignation.  From him l will try and learn these means of drawing nearer to God.  I must be more pliable to the will of God, more punctual and exact in obeying; more ready to submit to all that God ordains.  Thus only can I hope for greater holiness and a life more closely united to Him.

2.  St. Joseph had a privilege on earth which for all other saints is reserved for the eternal paradise, of being in the continual company of his God, of gazing on the sacred humanity of the Incarnate Word, of hearing from Him words of love and gratitude, of drinking in delicious draughts of heavenly delight from the words and looks of the Incarnate God.  His life must have been one long ecstasy.  If those who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment received an inflow of heavenly virtue, what must he have received who nursed Him in infancy and bore him the closest company in youth and manhood!

3.  How often St. Joseph called Jesus his dear Son, and Jesus in return called him His dear father!  What happiness to him to have a right thus to address the Second Person of the Divine Trinity!  What grace must have flowed into his heart when Jesus called him father!  Pray that you may deserve to have Jesus smile sweetly on you, as He so often did upon His great foster-father.



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