March 25th — St. Joseph’s Strong Faith.

25th Day.— St. Joseph’s Strong Faith.

Faith consists in the ready acceptance of God’s messages tons on His authority.  It is tested by the difficulty of believing, and by the painful consequences to ourselves.  We will try St. Joseph’s faith by these methods.

1.  The first message, which is recorded as having been given to St. Joseph, was that Mary was about to become a mother through the operation of the Holy Ghost.  The news announced was a miracle of stupendous magnitude, a mystery inscrutable.  Yet St. Joseph never doubted, never hesitated.  He accepted it on God’s authority, as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

2.  The second message enjoined him to take the divine Child and His Mother, and fly in the darkness of the night to Egypt.  There was no apparent reason, no danger known to St. Joseph.  The journey was a perilous, painful, and most inconvenient one, and seemingly unnecessary.  Yet St. Joseph hesitated not for an instant, doubted not, delayed not, but started before day dawned.  What living, practical faith, so different from my doubting slowness!

3.  It was this habit of faith which earned for him the continual society of Jesus Christ.  St. Joseph never ceased to have present to him the Godhead of his Son; but at times he would forget the outward form before him, and would adore his God.  So we should seek to realize that the Sacred Host does but veil the same God Incarnate, and should make many acts of faith before the Blessed Sacrament, and say, “My God and my Lord.”



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