9th Day — The Marriage of Mary.

The Marriage of Mary.

The young man shall dwell with the virgin,

and the bridegroom shall rejoice over the bride. (Isaias Ixii.  5.)

1.  Mary, the unspotted Spouse of Joseph, learned by degrees how her marriage was a part of God’s wonderful designs regarding her.  If she had become a mother in an unmarried state, the world would naturally have regarded her as guilty of sin.  The Jews, unable to understand so wonderful a mystery, would have pointed the finger of scorn at her.  Thus God always guards the good name of those who are true to Him.

2.  Mary, too, needed a protector.  She was very young: she was to be exposed to many a hardship, to journey afar, to dwell in a strange land.  How could the tender, youthful Mother have passed through all these vicissitudes without the guardianship of Joseph’s love?  How thoughtfully God provides for the welfare of those who commit themselves to Him!

3.  Mary, moreover, needed one who would provide for her maintenance.  Her wants were few, she loved poverty, but how could she have provided food and clothing for herself and her Divine Son?  To Joseph she was entrusted that he might by his labors earn what was necessary for their support.  How generously God supplies all the wants of those who trust in Him!

St.  Joseph, none there be, 

Oh!  none that love like thee. 

Dearest of saints, be near us when we die.


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