​Don’t you wonder what it was the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were really up to that God Almighty destroyed them with fire from above? I say this wondering if it possibly could have been worse than what we face in the world today.

​Hardly a day goes by without mention of some travesty before the Lord. Recently, it was a British lecturer suggesting a transgender Jesus. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but evil comes from within the person who has the mind and will to ruin souls. And of course, there is no sense or sensibility regarding the spread of such filth on the internet and other media outlets, just get all the news that’s unfit to print out there in the public eye. 

Everything nowadays seems to be focusing below the belt. Sexual intercourse is nothing but playtime, particularly if abortion can delete any “oops” moment. Gender is whatever you want it to be, whenever you want it to be, however many times a day you want to switch it out, never mind genetics. If you think you are not what you want to be/think you should be, go see a surgeon to “fix” it and stuff yourself with pills to make it so. Let us not forget that what is done privately needs to be thrown out across the salacious internet and splashed about in the news media.

Around us is a generation of young people coming up to their adulthood and drowning in a cesspool of filth while those who challenge the purveyors of destruction get cancelled and deleted.

God help us. Sodom and Gomorrah may have gotten off easy.

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Cindy Paslawski

CINDY PASLAWSKI earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Minnesota, back when truth and accuracy were prized. She has been active with the Wanderer Forum Foundation almost since its inception, while working as a reporter for The Wanderer newspaper. She has also worked on the front lines as a church secretary and most recently as a freelance book editor. As the Wanderer Forum Foundation/Bellarmine Forum's executive secretary and publication editor since 1995, she has overseen production of the Forum Focus and the Bellarmine Forum magazines, coordinated Regional and National Wanderer Forums, and saw to the publication of both Saving Christian Marriage (2007) and Slaying the “Spiritˮ of Vatican II With the Light of Truth (2017). She and her patient husband have six grown children and nine grandchildren.
  • Nancy Hollo says:

    A brief look at history puts things into perspective. Did you know the British landed gentry were wife swapping at their endless house parties until WWI ruined them financially? Did you know that drab little Gary, Indiana was once called “sin city” and it had one tavern for every 17 or so people? (Check my stats) Nero was a pedophile who had the boys tossed over a cliff when he was done with them. St. Augustine confessed he had once been addicted to blood sport and orgies. Don’t even mention the Canaanites, it’s too awful.

    Pious horror over the behavior of others is so easy, and so inaccurate. Where did we get the idea that our society was better once? From movies, tv’s and novels? The 60’s, rife with domestic violence and adultery? Colonial times, when colonists in warmer climes went naked, to the dismay of circuit riding ministers? When? I could go on…

    • John B. Manos says:

      That there was decadence across the ages is no surprise if one believes in Original Sin. Of course, that’s not the issue here — the pervasive acceptance of sin is the issue. That some leaders in the past did dastardly things is not the issue either. Rather, the issue is that the ordinary man has lost not just the apprehension of God, but lost any regard for natural virtues even. There are few times like these where the ordinary guy considers perversions to be normal. Sodom and Gomorrah is one of those times.

      Yes, there were times even just recently where people still had an apprehension that lying was wrong, that marriage was for making families and indissoluble, and that God was in charge of creation. There is no “pious horror” here — even on a natural understanding, things today are inverted and deformed unlike many times before.

  • Bill Crumrine says:

    The late Republican U.S. Senator from North Carolina, Jesse Helms, once quipped that the way America was going, if God didn’t severely punish us, then He owed Sodom and Gomorrah a deep and humble apology.

    Just remember 12 sell-out Republican Senators voted for the homosexual Respect for Marriage Act.

    Though I may not always agree with Judge Andrew Napolitano, he recently wrote that there is only one political party in the United States as there is no real difference between the Democrats and Republicans and that organization is called the Big Government Party.

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