Four Year Old Lily Gets it, Do You?

There’s just some things that you come across and you know it’s something really special. I was glad that the Wold family let me share with you here a special story from their four year old daughter, Lily.

LilyDebra, Lily’s mom, shared on Facebook that last night after dinner, Lily got up from the table, walked over to an image of Jesus they have in the dining room. Says Debra:

“She locked eyes with the picture and I see her mouth moving.”
“I am curious so I ask her, ‘honey who are you talking too?”

Lily replied, “Mommy, Jesus is sad…so sad the world does not love him… He is very sad Mommy!

Debra said to Lily, “tell Jesus we all love him!”

Be sure today and everyday, tell Jesus how much you love Him….we know He loves us!

Here’s the picture that inspired Lily:


Lily gets it! Do you?

Our Lady came to the children at Fatima, and the message of the angel to the children was to make an act of faith and love in Our Lord, and to console Him for those so many in the world who do not believe in and love Him.

Awesome, Lily!

Jesus, we love thee! Have mercy on us!

If you’re on Facebook and would like to show Lily that you love Our Lord, or just like her story, click like on the Facebook post (click here to see the Facebook post).

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  • Ann DeJak says:

    This sweet story reminds me of our family’s visits to my husband’s great, great, great aunt (no kidding!) at the Catholic nursing home where she lived the last years of her life. She had a large image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on her wall and said He often moved his lips, “See! There, He’s speaking! Look, do you see? He talks to me.” Somehow, I think Our Lord must take special care of his little ones–especially the very young and the very old. Thank you for this story that cuts to the core of things, a wonderful reminder.

  • This is a special kid. Check out the miracle of Lily’s birth and the powerful faith of her wonderful parents:

  • That’s a great story. It’s also a great painting. Heinrich Hoffman’s Jesus Praying in Gethsemane hangs at the Riverside Church in New York City. I saw it last year. It’s worth a visit the next time you’re in the Big Apple.

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