From our Mailbag: A Reader in Canada Questions Dolan

An astute observation came to our email from a reader who signed the Petition for the Campaign for Humanae Vitae, that we felt compelled to share here.

Dear Bellarmine Forum.

Thank you for the opportunity to sign the Humanae Vitae petition from Canada. I am pleased to do so. I was surprised and am concerned after reading the strong quote on HV from Cardinal Dolan on your website, that he is the same Cardinal who is slated to host Obama at a gala Catholic event. His words regarding HV included, “We forfeited the chance to be a coherent moral voice when it comes to one of the more burning issues of the day”. If he carries through this hosting event, he is certainly forfeiting the chance to be a “coherent moral voice” considering the “burning issues” that Obama has brought into the Church and its conscience. If this is historically an event that is supposed to
be a humorous dinner and Obama will be addressed, I am sure it is NOT funny. I am also sure the Cardinal will not chastise the president regarding the health plan fall-out at Catholic institutions, abortion , same-sex “marriage” condition etc . Nothing to laugh about there either! We are all in this together as Catholics needing strong leadership , and this Obama invitation makes one question where the action example is to follow his quote.
Yours concerned in Canada

Fair questions. It does seem that the situation begs answers. The ball is in your court, Your Eminence.

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Cindy Paslawski

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