History Rhymes: The Real Dr. Suess of the Amazon Synod, Ceilings Collapsing, and Pagan Rites to Open Synods

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Our Lady of Fatima gave us the blueprint we can see when she said, “if men don’t repent, Russia will spread her errors through the world… but in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph”

The Rhyme of Pagan Synod Openings and Ceiling Collapses

Last year, we saw the Youth Synod open with Pope Francis holding an odd staff that many identified as a witch’s stang.  The stand is a staff of sorts used by pagans to cast spells and direct “energy”.  A wiccan coven in Italy had made the staff for him and two young women presented it to him.  Not too much earlier, reports of a roof collapsing in a Roman church had spread.  (we reported on the roof collapse here). That church was the titular church of Cardinal Coccopalmerio.

Paganism this Year was a Shaman and Pregnant Fertility Idols in the Vatican Garden & The Ceiling of St. Peter’s Collapsing

This year, a pagan ritual was conducted in the Vatican gardens.  It featured wooden sculptures of two pregnant women.  Earlier in the same day, Il Messaggero in Italy reported that people had to be evacuated from a portion of St. Peter’s because ceiling fragments were falling to the floor.

An automated translation of the Italian report (click to see full size)

But, like the Cat in the Hat, everything got cleaned up and Thing 1 and Thing 2 reported in the news that those were just “small fragments” and Vatican news just omitted the mention of the woman shaman’s spirit circle.  Members of the Spadaro-spin cycle report that the two pregnant statues represent the Visitation and are supposed to be Mary and Elizabeth, the two pregnant women.


That might work, if we lived in Fantasyland.

The Real Dr. Seuss and “Revolution”

Screen shot of the Biography interview of Dr. Seuss about The Cat in the Hat revolution

When Theodore Grissel (Dr. Seuss) was interviewed later in his life about The Cat in the Hat, he described the book as “a revolt again authority, but it is ameliorated by the fact that the Cat cleans up everything at the end.”  For this Dr. Seuss, the end justifies the means and as long as no one saw it, no harm was done. The end of the book was the Mother’s return home.  We are supposed to believe it was all OK. 

Mary, our Blessed Mother, said, “in the end, my immaculate heart will triumph”.  So it appears the Cat in the Hat is loose in the Vatican.  Apparently, Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been loosed and all havoc is wrought.  Cardinal Burke must be the goldfish in our story though.  Warning us that this isn’t a good idea, but nobody is listening to him.  Apparently, the children think the Blessed Mother is away and the goldfish is crazy so they are going to play with Thing 1 and Thing 2.  She warned about this, too.  

The revolution was intentional by Dr. Seuss.  He said that his book, The Cat in the Hat’s revolution against authority, “is revolutionary in that it goes as far as [Kerensky] and then stops.  It doesn’t go quite as far as Lenin.”

Alexander Kerensky was the Revolutionary Cat in the Hat for Seuss, because Lenin was too much

Alexander Kerensky was a highly regarded Russian lawyer who led a revolution in the Petrograd region that broke away from the Tsar.  He had openly joined the Freemasons and advocated against monarchy.  But like all useful idiots, once Lenin’s bloody October led the real Bolshevik revolt, Kerensky became exiled and had to flee back to Paris to be in asylum under the care of the Freemasonic Grand Orient Lodge of Paris.

For some reason, Dr. Seuss thought that Kerensky was a good alternative to the all out bloody killing of Lenin.  Some revolutionaries have limits and morals, it seems.

Perhaps that is the idea of these revolutionaries in the Vatican gardens:  “it goes as far as indigenous paganism, but it doesn’t go as far as sacrificing a child…”  

The Dr. Suess of the Amazon Synod

There is a real actual Dr. Suess of the Amazon Synod.  His name is Paulo Suess and he is a priest and professor in South America.  You might recall him as the priest that gave a defiant speech to Pope Benedict during Benedict’s visit to Latin America.  Maybe you don’t remember that…  it only appeared as a soft Kerensky-type revolution at that time.  Just the articulated speech of a liberation theologist positing some anti-authority rhetoric, the way Kerensky was the articulate lawyer in the Parliament speaking against the monarchy.

Paulo likes Karl Marx, after all.  he posts pictures of him online and talks of visiting his grave.  See Marx is better than Lenin, right?  Marx just wrote poems about his pact with the devil and argued in favor of the revolution.  Lenin actually killed people for it.

Suess, Kräutler, and Pope Francis Incited the Amazon Synod

In 2014, Paulo Seuss met with Pope Francis.  He brought Bishop Erwin Kräutler with him.  Some reports say the Kräutler brought Suess with him.  I like that way better — the Cat in the Hat came along with the child bishop.  We spoke about Bishop Kräutler the other day.  Suess convinced Pope Francis that we needed a synod in the Amazon to help the indigenous tribes fight the power of the mean Colonists.

Pope Francis agreed.

In May of 2014, Bishop Kräutler was interviewed in Die Presse (https://www.diepresse.com/3806271/bischof-krautler-zolibat-nicht-pflicht-fur-eucharistie) about this meeting with Pope Francis.  In it, he explained that Pope Francis was way better than Pope Benedict.  Key quotes of Kräutler include:

  • celibacy is not obligatory for celebrating the Eucharist
  • in regards to making more people able to celebrate Mass (women and married priests), described as “access”, Kräutler reported:  “Pope [Francis] is very open.  He will not have a solution overnight, but he has literally told me: the bishops, the regional bishops’ conferences should make courageous, courageous proposals.”
  • In regards to “loosen the rules of access for the priesthood”:  Kräutler said:  “Celibacy means that a man or woman is committed to living helplessly.   One proposal would be to decouple celibacy of Eucharistic celebration”
  • “I hope [Francis will implement]. … That process was not allowed so far.  Pope Benedict said we pray for priestly vocations.  This pope is different.  HE wants to start a process.”  There are now “open doors.”
  • On the idea that Francis said the door is closed, Kräutler “As long as the door is there… the door is not walled up.  I do not think that the ordination of women comes under this Pope.”
  • Kräutler says the door to women ordination should be opened.
  • On liberation theology, he said “people say it is Marxist.  Liberation theology is biblical.”

Funny that the real Dr. Paulo Suess would post images of Marx on his Facebook page, right? Even worse, he makes an apology for Marx, and tries to use Evangelium Vitae as a source of authority to say Marx and Luther were Okay.

Again… that might work if we lived in Fantasyland.

See the original Facebook post here.

It’s worth a browse through his facebook page. You’ll see posts that look just like the posts by all the social justice workers being funded by CCHD. Plus, you’ll see a lot of talk about Revolution. And you might even see his posts about the Amazon Synod and planning for it, such as this picture of him, Bishop Kräutler, and Pope Francis with others.

Image posted by Suess on Facebook showing he and Bishop Kräutler meeting again with Pope Francis in 2018 about the Synod.

It’s All Hiding Behind the Indigenous Peoples

Suess laments that the Church has forced a “European face” in the Amazon, and it is he who has been speaking of the “Amazonian face”

These two wish to preserve indigenous life, including the pagan rites, child sacrifices and cannibalism.  Kräutler is quoted as having said, “I have never in my life baptized an indigenous, and I also do not have the intention of doing so.”

Paulo Suess posts an interview with Bishop Krautler on the faith of the indigenous people. My Span ish isn’t good enough to translate.

Fr. Dr. Suess is the head of CIMI, an institute in charge of ministry to Indigenous Peoples. Suess also identifies as a “liberation theologist” and professor, says things like “indigenous ministry is not about conversions” and “we do not have a right to proselytize, to belittle the religion of the other.”

It’s almost as if they think the indigenous people do not deserve to know the one true God Who loved them so much that He became man and died for them.  Isn’t that good news for everyone?

The Indigenous Peoples are Weapons in the Hands of These Dangerous German Revolutionaries

But Suess describes himself as a revolutionary.  Besides praises of Karl Marx on his facebook, he exclaimed in 2014, “the indigenous are the revolutionary agents in South America.”  

Think he was being poetic?   Try this elaboration he made, “In the end, we want to build a new society, because this capitalist society, this killing system does not work…  We must change society.  Who are we going to do it with?  With Amazon peoples, with indigenous people, with young people.”

Comrades, do you see the revolution yet?  

Suess makes a modest proposal for the Political Agenda for the Future of Humanity

Suess understands that he can’t get full on Lenin, though.  His revolution must be gradual.  As far as women priests, he’s practical, like Kerensky:  “Unfortunately, because of the unity of the Church, it will be difficult at this time to discuss the priesthood of women.  In the perspective of gradual transformation, what could be discussed now would be the female diaconate.”

You see, Madame Blavatsky in Russia began the Theosophy Society, a luciferian pagan religion that seeks to restore the times before the Great flood and restore the “natural wisdom”.  Blavatsky spent tomes comparing the gods and goddesses of pagan societies around the world.  I’ve reported on her successor Alice Bailey’s stated intentions to reveal the demonic order and take down the imperialist order of Christianity. I’ve also made sure to show that Russia herself identified Theosophy as those who communicate with demons, and lumped them with sorcerers and freemasons.

Recently, on September 14th, the feast of the Triumph of the Cross, Pope Francis said it is our duty to follow the United Nations and obey it.  Alice Bailey was the one that implemented the U.N. with the Lucifer Trust and a goal to subvert the order of God by restoring the indigenous pagan practices of “ancient wisdom” as known in “pre-deluvian” times.

You see now that this revolution in the Amazon is inspired by those errors that have come out of Russia, don’t you?  Is it any better that they are more like Kerensky, and less like Lenin?  

As the Cat in the Hat progressed, the mess grew and grew.  

The indigenous peoples do not appreciate the revolution of Dr. Paulo Suess and friends however.  At least one Chief, Chief Raoni, gave warning to the Synod.  He says that some indigenous tribes still practice infanticide and cannibalism.  And he explained they are encouraged to do so by the liberation theologists.  Pagan practices include the requirement that a baby born handicapped must be eaten.  The Liberation Theologists, like our Dr. Paulo Suess would never see to convert the indigenous.  He respects their religion after all.

Oddly, I haven’t seen any posts on Paulo Suess’s facebook wall where he discusses cannibalizing such children.

Worse, the Chief accused the liberation theologists of “indoctrinating the Indians to steal, to kill farmer’s cattle, to hate the white man who wasn’t a priest, to invade private property, to not accept electric power, roads, armies, and even to hate their own relatives.”

The Chief nails it:  “There are people who still lament why and how their own brother, father and brother-in-law became their enemy.  Dividing peoples is a typically Satanic work; therefore, these men and women cannot be the fruit of God.”

There are only two standards.  That of Christ, and that of Satan.  If Liberation Theologists like Dr. Suess and Bishop Kräutler will not pass along Divine Revelation, and encourage the divisions and crime elaborated by Chief Raoni, I can assure you they are not following the Standard of Christ.

Chief Raoni, by the way, is a big environmentalist. 

If these people are fighting for revolution, and that revolution is taking advantage of the indigenous peoples, then it follows that at least some of them will speak up. Chief Raoni did. Fortunately, these are not Leninists in power yet. They are the softer, gentler Kerensky types.

Artemis and the Pregnant Idols Lead to the same Demon

The other day, I spoke about the strange fascination of some moderns with the Amazonians.  I even mentioned that the Nazis had plays “Nacht der Amazonen” featuring bare breasted women dancing for the emancipation of women (I guess it was like interpretive dance seen in many parishes these days)..  The Amazonians worshipped Artemis.  The grandest temple of Artemis was at Ephesus, and this was the same temple that gave St. Paul so much trouble when he preached there.  As mentioned in the last special report, another temple to Artemis was on Patmos – right at the revelation of the Apocalypse.

Artemis was called Diana by the Romans.  She was the daughter of Zeus, who asked Zeus that she be allowed to remain a virgin.  She was the great hunter, shot arrows, and had numerous encounters of killing.  She was the pagan patroness of the pregnant.  She supposedly assisted women to ease the pains of labor.  She was also the moon goddess.  Images of Artemis depict her with a lunate crown.  Her day in the pagan lunar cycle was the 6th day,. In lunar phases, that is a small crescent moon.  In one account of Artemis, she interceded to stop the sacrifice of Imigenia.  As Imigenia was on the alter to be killed, Artemis stopped the killing and substituted a deer in her place.  For those mixed up a little, this rhymes with the story of Abraham in some ways.  Imigenia was reared by Artemis, who later renamed her Hecate, and she became the pagan spirit goddess of night and magic spells.

Artemis wore the crescent moon as a crown on her head.

Bust of Artemis wearing the Crescent Moon “Lunate” Crown

I bring all this up because the pagan ritual in the Vatican gardens featured idols of pregnant women so it made me think of the Amazonian connection to Artemis, and Artemis’s connection to Apocalypse. One of the naked pregnant idols was called, “Our Lady of the Amazon.” There is no such thing.

Twitter was full of People searching for the origin and history of the title “Our Lady of the Amazon”

Like the Queen of the Amazons participating in the Trojan War, the Trojan horse is upon us in the Synod. But it is the Trojan Idol, and because it hides as an indigenous cultural thing, we ought not be fooled.

Making women priests would make women into Abraham, right?  It would be replacing of Mother Mary by a goddess.  It would be putting an “Amazonian Face” on the Church, would it not?

The revolution is underway right in front of us.  But, Dr. Paulo Suess is wrong to think that Mother is away so the cats may play.  

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a miraculous image with world renown.  You may have heard before that the symbols and posture of Our Lady in that image spoke to the pagan indigenous peoples and proselytized them about the true God.

You see, Our Lady of Guadalupe stands on the crescent moon.  Unlike Artemis who is under the Moon, Mary is over it, that is, more powerful than it.  And Our Lady of Guadalupe is pregnant.  She is something greater than Artemis.  

Pray our Rosary.  Cardinals Burke and Mueller and Bishop Schneider were right to ask us to.

The true Lady for all peoples, indigenous and German alike

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!  Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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