Magazine: Choosing Life…or Death? Fall 2014, Vol. IV No. 3

vol4no3coverWhat you don’t know can kill you!

‘Tis a troubling time we live in. Humans are called vegetables and vegetables, trees, and even rocks have rights. A person can get in legal trouble for not watering or otherwise taking care of vegetation on his property, but a human in a medically invented “permanent vegetative state” can have hydration and nutrition withheld without any legal consequences befalling the perpetrator.

Up is down and down is up and life begins and now ends on the altar of someone else’s convenience. Call it what you will, euthanasia exists and is a clear and present danger to vulnerable people who think the doctor knows best — the doctor who urges them to sign forms that end life rather than treat illness. What you don’t know can kill you.

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Inside this issue, you’ll find these great articles:

  • The Defective Offspring of Eugenics
    Richard Aleman
  • Pro-Life at the End of Life
    Deacon Dan Gannon
  • Questions on Nutrition and Hydration
    Stephen J. Heaney
  • Informed: The Path to Truth
    Human Life Alliance
  • Death: The Cure-All for the Elderly
    Karen Pautler
  • Review Corner:
    Matthew Yonke

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