Expires this weekend! FULTON SHEEN on Mercy

By John B. Manos / December 29, 2016 /

Enjoy reading this excerpt from Fulton Sheen from Issue 3 of the Bellarmine Forum Magazine. But hurry! This preview expires Dec 31! The Magazine includes this article!

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By Popular Demand: The Mercy of God in a PDF

By St. Robert Bellarmine / August 1, 2016 /

We get it — you want to enjoy a new perspective on Mercy. You’ve looked around online. What did you find? Probably got distracted into debates and news, when you really would like to invest some time into exploring this deepest virtue of our Lord — His Mercy. Or, you found things that make you wonder if the…

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Look Back on Your Year of Mercy with a Smile of Relief

By John B. Manos / May 30, 2016 /

Discover one way you can profit from the graces this Jubilee Year, a Year of Mercy, and make yourself better equipped to preach the Gospel to others!

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Magazine: Evangelizing the Family! Winter 2015, Issue 3

By John B. Manos / January 1, 2016 /

Where do we go from here? For the two earlier issues, we looked at all the attacks on the family, and analyzed the importance of the family. Issue 3 presents the solutions! Our last issue of the Bellarmine Forum magazine in 2015, “Evangelizing the Family,” lends itself to plenty of food for thought. You ask, why would…

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Magazine: THE FAMILY IN CRISIS! Summer 2015, Vol. V, Issue 2

By John B. Manos / October 14, 2015 /

Frightening. That is the only way to describe the upcoming issue of the Bellarmine Forum magazine, The Family in Crisis.  It is simply not for the faint of heart. The first issue in 2015, In Defense of the Family, plainly stated the traditional meaning of marriage and family life. This second issue clearly shows the satanic forces…

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Magazine: Choosing Life…or Death? Fall 2014, Vol. IV No. 3

By John B. Manos / November 12, 2014 /

What you don’t know can kill you! ‘Tis a troubling time we live in. Humans are called vegetables and vegetables, trees, and even rocks have rights. A person can get in legal trouble for not watering or otherwise taking care of vegetation on his property, but a human in a medically invented “permanent vegetative state”…

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Shameless Promotion of our Magazine on Life

By Cindy Paslawski / April 13, 2014 /

In the Passion we will be reading soon during Holy Week, we come across Pontius Pilate asking, “What is truth?” He’s either sincere and rather dense in the head or blowing off Jesus Christ. That is kind of the way the definition of human life has evolved in the last few decades. A hundred years…

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Life: In the Beginning. Bellarmine Forum Magazine Volume iv Issue 1

By John B. Manos / April 10, 2014 /

Volume IV of the new Bellarmine Forum Magazine focuses on LIFE! Issue one is a bang up! Articles include: Marriage and the Hotline to God, Dr. Reginald Gallup Contraception — The Folly of Freedom, Dr. Monica M. Miller A Clear and Present Danger, Dr. Charles Rice Campaign for Humanae Vitae, Christopher Manion Contraception & Persecution,…

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The Second Vatican Council: Tradition and Continuity

By John M. DeJak / March 25, 2013 /

Think you know Vatican II? Can you name the documents and facts of Vatican II besides Lumen Gentium? Ever wonder what the popes were thinking who signaled the need for a council? (and why what happened afterward wasn’t what they were looking for) — Our latest Magazine has these and more answers!

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