Life: In the Beginning. Bellarmine Forum Magazine Volume iv Issue 1

Volume IV of the new Bellarmine Forum Magazine focuses on LIFE!

Issue one is a bang up!
vol4iss1 life in the beginningArticles include:

  • Marriage and the Hotline to God, Dr. Reginald Gallup
  • Contraception — The Folly of Freedom, Dr. Monica M. Miller
  • A Clear and Present Danger, Dr. Charles Rice
  • Campaign for Humanae Vitae, Christopher Manion
  • Contraception & Persecution, Matthew Yonke
  • Think with the Church, Pedro Arrupe, SJ

From the back cover:

As God Leaves the Stage…

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10). So why is the population of the developed countries below replacement level? While Jesus was talking about spiritual life in union with Him, there seems to be a concurrent loss in the area of grace, even as this is being written.

When did life become so hateful to itself? It became so when man pushed God out of creation and took over control. Instead of trusting the provident Uncaused Cause, man interfered like a traffic cop detouring drivers from their destination. The first detour was conception control, then controlling births by abortion, then logically, controlling lives of the substandard — including Third World countries where contraception and abortion are imported with aid dollars — and finally controlling marriage because without the possibility of conception, the need for the traditional family is passé. Bring on the aberrations! Bring on sin! Bring on persecution of those who object to the downward slide of society toward hell.


Why persecute the Church? Because the Catholic Church claims God as its founder and Divine Law as its Supreme Court. The Church holds out a moral beacon in its teachings and tradition that has survived two millennia. The Church proclaims Truth to those who want to skew values, truth and all that is good and holy their own way. And if the Church is an obstacle to the untruth that is proposed, the Church must be discredited, silenced, erased from the view of society. It is as simple as that.

But Christ came to give life and in that life lies the power of the Risen Lord so that the faithful can courageously proclaim Truth as the Church has for centuries.

It is to proclaim this Truth that the Bellarmine Forum magazine has committed its four issues in 2014.

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