By Popular Demand: The Mercy of God in a PDF

We get it — you want to enjoy a new perspective on Mercy.

You’ve looked around online. What did you find? Probably got distracted into debates and news, when you really would like to invest some time into exploring this deepest virtue of our Lord — His Mercy. Or, you found things that make you wonder if the writer was even Catholic. You need a good curated and reliable exploration of Catholic tradition on Mercy.

Think about having eight different facets of this great gem of Mercy to admire and awe at the qualities of God reflected therein. You might be challenged to expand your imitation of Jesus by learning about how Justice and Mercy work together. If you had that all in one place, you would be able to savor the richness of Mercy without distraction, without working to find it. It’s all right there and ready for you.

The Year of Mercy is quickly passing, and what are you going to show for it? If you don’t put something towards  it, then it will be a big blank. At the end of the year, though, even if you read only one article from the Magazine, you’d be able to put the feather in your cap and have a great discussion with Our Lord about this greatest quality of His.

We set out to do precisely that:  We’ve assembled the best exploration of The Mercy of God for this year yet! For over 51 years, the Bellarmine Forum has been producing and delivering reliable Catholic discussion and analysis — and we make it pleasing to the plumber and professor alike! Best of all, you won’t find any felt banner sentimentalities or cotton candy fluff. This is real red meat!  (or, since some are adverse to that these days, it’s really good chicken).


Don’t let the year go by you! We’ve put together the best and  want you to have it, too!

But, we’ve heard from some of you that you don’t want paper. You’d rather have a copy that can be used on your iPad or your tablet. Paper can be misplaced, it can get coffee stains, and you might not want to carry extra paper when you travel. Even though the magazine is easily transported and looks incredibly inviting on a coffee table, we thought we’d try this. You can now order a PDF copy of the Magazine Issue 1, The Mercy of God. It’s not automatic yet, but we’ll email a PDF to you personally.


Experience the savory delights of God’s Mercy that has brought so many comments from our readers so far:

“The Magazine Gave me a whole new perspective on Mercy!”  –R.M. in Florida

“The Magazine is always worth the walk to the mailbox!”  –P.G. in Ohio

“Loved it!” –D.G. in Illinois

You can have it, too! Use the form below, and if you want a PDF, select that option. You’ll have your own personal copy in your inbox shortly after ordering.

The first issue of the 2016 Magazine volume. The Mercy of God.

The first issue of the 2016 Magazine volume. The Mercy of God.


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