Mocking the Church, Modern Style

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Political correctness be damned. This is absurd.

At some point, you have to tell people, “Go home, girls, you’re drunk!”  Even at the risk of sounding like the old guy yelling “Get off my lawn!”

Fantasyland is rife with new players everyday.

It doesn’t really need much explanation — for a church that no longer believes that religion is worshipping God as God revealed Himself to us, and forsaken the sacraments, there is nothing left except pageantry and parades of narcissism.

About the only expression of faith here is a shout to the world, “LOOK AT ME!”

I have to hand it to them, though — this is one step above felt banners. A small step, but above.

“The very latest Parish fashions were modelled today by men and women of God who paraded down a clergy catwalk.

“Five vicars showed off the new designs in ecclesiastical wear, which are made in the different colours which are worn according to the season in the Church’s calendar.”

via Vicars in Bristol model the latest ecclesiastical wear | Daily Mail Online.

They have a video on the article, too, if you must watch this train wreck.

There has to be a good joke about a “clergy catwalk” but I’m not coming up with a good one readily…

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  • Well yes…this was awful and ridiculous. Surprised you gave them publicity!

  • The vicaress is kinda mannish?

  • Where are the rose vestments?

  • Real priests wear pink. Precisely two Sundays a year?

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