Nancy, You’re Wrong

U.S. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, is blowing off Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s ban on her receiving the Holy Eucharist in his archdiocese because of her advocacy of abortion rights.

She said members of her family oppose abortion. “I respect people’s views about that. But I don’t respect foisting it onto them.” She threw gay (et al.) rights in there, too, for good measure, the Archbishop is against that too.

This is a “what is truth?” moment, Nancy. Maybe Pontius Pilate didn’t know what Truth was, He who was standing before him, but you’re such a good Catholic, you know, don’t you?

“These same people are against contraception, family planning, in vitro fertilization. It’s a blanket thing and they use abortion as the front man for it” (don’t you mean front woman?).

You have it exactly right, Nancy. All the so-called reproductive issues you listed are moral issues on which the Catholic Church has the right to give direction, direction with which you disagree. The Catholic Church gives direction in support of life. It is against the violations of Natural Law which you listed: contraception – pills, IUDs – which prevents implantation of the new child in the womb or directly expels it; the in vitro procedures which actually create several living embryos (they have to be alive, why else implant them?) to be first inspected for imperfections, then some to be implanted, some to be flushed to the sewer because they are extras or to be frozen for future use like some Jurassic Park experiment. And the Catholic Church has been given the moral authority to speak on these issues by Jesus Christ, to decide the right and wrong of these anti-life activities.

“Good” Catholic that you are, Nancy, because you say you want to help the poor as the Church teaches (so why is death of the children of poor all you offer?), you must know a “good” Catholic cannot claim ignorance of the immorality of these anti-life reproductive matters. You plainly know what the Church teaches about life issues and you plainly go against these teachings.

So Archbishop Cordileone has given you a matter of choice for yourself, back off on promoting abortion or stop calling yourself Catholic. This is because, in reality, you’re not Catholic, Nancy. You don’t talk the talk or walk the walk and without the Holy Eucharist, you are nothing.

Tell me, if a Democratic member of the House under your well-manicured thumb dared to cross you, dared to speak against one of your power plays, wouldn’t you be down on him/her in a minute? Wouldn’t you order that pariah thrown off all committees and cancellation of all bills that representative sponsored?

What’s the difference? You publically claim to be Catholic but publically defy the Faith. So why shouldn’t you be called out for your defiance? Archbishop Cordileone tried to meet with you. He was ignored. He was doing his job. In his eyes, the example of scandal you pose is a clear and present danger to tens of thousands of Catholics. He is concerned because your stand on the destruction of human life in the womb is a matter of life and death – your spiritual life and death. And you do know, Nancy, good Catholic that you are, we are all judged on our actions. Not what we thought about our actions, but what we actually did for or against almighty God.

The same Associated Press article of May 24, “Pelosi pushes back on archbishop who denies her Communion,” mentioned pro-abortion Democratic Senator, Richard Durbin of Illinois whose bishop has denied him Holy Communion for years. They quoted him as saying, “I still believe that the authorities in the church believe that we have issues that can only be decided by our own conscience and not by some bishop’s conference.”

Ah yes, Richard, a blast from the past. After Vatican II created the Declaration on Religious Freedom, which pertained to the right of people to practice their religion freely, particularly in atheistic nations, the mere words “religious freedom” were morphed into a battle cry against the life-affirming 1967 encyclical by Pope St. Paul VI, Humanae vitae. The phrase “freedom of conscience” was born and became a way to justify cafeteria Catholicism, picking and choosing what doctrines to follow. Of course, we all have freedom of conscience, we’ve had it from the start, to consciously choose between good and evil – and to be responsible for the choice made.

Nancy and Richard make a good partnership, but not for the common good. These things they espouse concerning abortion were introduced to set women free, free to be fulfilled, free of the drudgery of home and hearth, free from being a sex object: free, free, free.

Really? Doesn’t an easy way to get rid of the “product of conception,” i.e., baby, make a woman more of a sex toy than a participant in the self-giving of marital love? Ask the 6766 unmarried Minnesota women who aborted how that worked out for them. 68% of these women were between 20 and 29 years of age (Minnesota Dept. of Health, Indiuced Abortions Report to Legislature, at Tables 4, 5, 2020). Nancy and Richard, your policies have not uplifted or fulfilled women, they have degraded them.

Truth is truth, and truth is immutable. It doesn’t become truth because it comes out of your mouths, Nancy and Richard. It is truth because it comes from God. It certainly doesn’t come from that new source of infallibility, the Associated Press, which, in the same article, proclaimed

“Each bishop has authority in his own diocese on this matter, and the archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Wilton Gregory, has affirmed that Biden [another public supporter of abortion] is welcome to receive the sacrament there.”

Do the bishops have this power in their own little fiefdoms to give a pass to those publicly defying the teaching of the Church and allow them to receive the Holy of Holies? Tell me, Cardinal Gregory, do you really – before God and men (and women if you must get technical) – have the authority to wink at such an occasion of scandal in your diocese? To decide what is truth?

I ask you, is it your truth or their truth you affirm? Before God, I ask you to consider the question, and really think about Who is Truth and Who you are blowing off.

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Cindy Paslawski

CINDY PASLAWSKI earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Minnesota, back when truth and accuracy were prized. She has been active with the Wanderer Forum Foundation almost since its inception, while working as a reporter for The Wanderer newspaper. She has also worked on the front lines as a church secretary and most recently as a freelance book editor. As the Wanderer Forum Foundation/Bellarmine Forum's executive secretary and publication editor since 1995, she has overseen production of the Forum Focus and the Bellarmine Forum magazines, coordinated Regional and National Wanderer Forums, and saw to the publication of both Saving Christian Marriage (2007) and Slaying the “Spiritˮ of Vatican II With the Light of Truth (2017). She and her patient husband have six grown children and nine grandchildren.
  • John Raymond says:

    Might as well get this out of the way… I believe that Catholic Church is Spotless Bride of Christ, cannot give poison to Her children.

    A non Catholic can’t become Pope, even if he gets all the votes.
    when people call Vatican II Church … the Catholic Church, a Vatican II Bishop…a Bishop, or an apostate usurper the pope..
    I don’t get it.

    Catholics, ie sedevacantists in general, aren’t liked.
    If my posts or I are blocked going forward, please just delete me from group.

    I can talk with faithless pretend Catholics, but don’t want to waste my precious time.
    200k of us… Time is precious

    Not all sedes are Catholic. And a tiny few in church of Francis , Vatican II Church ate Catholics thru invincible ignorance

  • John Raymond says:

    I have asked Vatican, Diocese of Austin, ArchDiocese of Galveston Houston, USCCB, Vatican to give me excommunication because I reject Vatican II Robber Council, last 6 false popes, sacrilegious new mass of Paul VI.
    I want to frame next yo Our Lady of Lasallette. Effeminate Vatican II Church refuses!
    Yeah, yeah, I’m already excommunicated. But I want piece of paper.
    Utterly surreal nonsense. And nonsense of conservatives in Vatican II Church that put up with this.
    If satan were elected in next conclave, on what basis would you reject Jim as a false pope?
    Hah! You’d start making excuses for him

  • John Raymond says:

    Last one, if you get anyone with gumption to give me excommunication:
    512 284 6535 phone

    1222 Disraeli Circle Pflugerville tx 78660
    Btw, not one! Tried to discuss it to bring me back… silly me, Catholics di that

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