Dance Faster! Silly People in Oklahoma want Kali vs. Mary

The Miraculous medal contains all the revelation of Mary as the Queen of Heaven, Invincible Champion.

The Miraculous medal contains all the revelation of Mary as the Queen of Heaven, Invincible Champion.

People are sharing this story about a satanic group in Oklahoma that thinks by dancing three women counter-clockwise around a miraculous medal, they can capture the Blessed Mother in Kali’s mouth. They are going to charge $35 for admission. Times must be tough because Fr. Corapi used to charge more than that for his stadium gigs. Many reactions to the story make me wonder if Fr. Quay was right when he said that the Church in the 20th century had been emasculated. How should we react, as a Church to these publicity and occult activities?

One reason I love to go to daily Mass is because I have some favorite readings that always make me laugh. Just recently, we had one of those stories, in 3 Kings (although newer and protestant translations have this as 1 Kings). Baal worshippers pit their god against Elijah’s (Elias’s) god, and they set a day for the show down. All I can imagine is that the WWF could not book an event any better. Imagine the billing for that stadium! So the day comes and the Baal worshippers are out there shouting to Baal to answer them. Noon comes and Elijah begins to taunt them:

Shout Louder!

Maybe he’s in a conversation with someone else!

Maybe he’s relieving himself!

Maybe he is sleeping and needs to be awakened!

It always makes me laugh. The “prophets” of Baal were rather fierce and demanded many things. They had to be able to make an impressive show because people had begun following them. And yet, despite all the pomp and haughty talk of the Baal worshippers, and their yelling to the heavens for Baal to appear, Elijah, knowing that the Lord God would be there taunts them, “Shout louder!”

Like the days of Elijah, Today?

So, the reports of this event in Oklahoma are very similar. These satanists think that by placing a miraculous medal in a magic circle, and dancing three women around the circle, that the circle will become the mouth of Kali, and Mary will be drawn into the mouth.

Anyone with half a brain cell that paid attention to what Our Lord said from the cross, “this is your mother,” knows that the Queen of Heaven isn’t some mere mechanical part of the universe. But, at her assumption, the “little resurrection,” she was made into the most powerful person beside God in Heaven. She isn’t like a watch that can be wound up and made to operate. She is a person. Moreover, She is the person to whom God has given all graces. She is the Queen of Angels. She is the Invincible Champion.

The accounts of events at Mary’s Assumption include an event whereby a man that tried to merely upset the funerary had his hands sliced off by an angel. Once the man repented, he was healed and his hands restored.

I wonder if we shouldn’t have the same attitude as Elijah today…  Taunting these people to “dance faster!”  Maybe you are supposed to dance clockwise, not counter-clockwise! Make the circle bigger! Maybe Kali is looking for Pokemon!

Don’t Forget to Pray in Reparation for these Idiots, but Still Taunt them

Then we should pray our rosaries. These poor people are sadly mistaken and need some grace. This event in Oklahoma is scheduled for August 15. Let’s pray many of these idiot’s hands and heads will be restored that day as happened on the Assumption itself.

There is a petition out there where people want to protest. I get it. I’m not saying that’s not a valid response. I’m just saying the a protest petition doesn’t really acknowledge that Elijah had the right idea when it comes to some of this stuff. We should be taunting them for such foolishness.

Mary, our mother, and Queen of Angels, pray for us!

and pray for these poor fools, too!

Image of the Blessed Mother inset in a circle with floral flourishes to each side. John B. Manos

Report on Church Militant, titled with the salacious headline “Satanists plan to put Mary into Hell.“[sic]

note:  If Hades could not bear to have eternal life within it, how could it bear to face eternal life’s mother? That headline itself should be changed.

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