SPECULATION: Did Putin Tell Trump to Out the Pedophiles, or he will? Spadaro’s PR coup

Pope Francis Warned of the Sacrilegious Cult.  Banker Pedophiles?  Spadaro threw a Molotov cocktail.  Putin delivers an Ultimatum to Trump?  And still no one is talking about the Vatican auditor that resigned.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to the radio and the topic was the meeting of Trump and Putin at the G20.  During that radio show, they dropped a bombshell.  They said that among all the other things Putin and Trump discussed, Putin allegedly said that if Trump did not out the pedophiles, he would.


I remember being surprised by that, but it made me step back and wonder.

I thought we would have seen news about that report.  No.

Lavrov: Support for Pedophilia within US Politics is a global issue and must be eradicated

The closest online news report is on a site Neon Nettle titled “Putin Warns Trump: ‘Expose Elite Pedophiles or I will Begin Naming Names.'” For our purposes, they report:

Ahead of this historic rendezvous, Russian President Putin has made one thing clear; that Trump must “expose pedophiles in Washington D.C.” otherwise Russia will begin “naming names”.

Kremlin spokesman and Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, highlighted some of the “deliverables” for the meeting to a Moscow audience:

“I proceed from the premise that Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump understand their national interests,”

“They want to overcome the current abnormality and start negotiating specific issues that affect bilateral relations, including business interests and the resolution of international problems.”

“The foundation of support for pedophilia within US politics is a global issue that must be eradicated.”

“This level of unethical corruption must be stopped, and we have the means expose it if the US Government is unwilling.”

I have searched in Russian sources. The closest I found in official english reports was on the Russian Embassy to the United States website. It said that Lavrov reported that Putin and Trump agreed to fight cyber crime, including pedophilia.

Pope Francis in 2014 – Pedophilia is like a “Sacrilegious Cult”

Back in 2014, Pope Francis met with victims of pedophilia.  During that meeting, he was reported in the National Post:

Francis compared the crimes to those of a “sacrilegious cult” and pledged “not to tolerate harm done to a minor by any individual, whether a cleric or not,” and promised that bishops “will be held accountable.”

Sacrilegious cult…  that seems to imply things like Pizzagate…

The Alleged Podesta Connection to Phony Catholic Groups

Last year, wikileaks had emails that alleged Podesta was aware and had started Catholic groups for the purpose of stirring revolt within the Church.  Catholic World Report summarized it this way:

In a 2012 email to Podesta—with the subject line of “opening for a Catholic Spring?”—a progressive activist named Sanford Newman, President of Voices for Progress, conspired with Podesta to create a “Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic Church.” Podesta responded to the suggestion by claiming that he had already created Catholic groups ready to act when needed: “We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this.”

Note that they also tie individuals in subsequent actions by Podesta to CCHD.  We’ve had excellent coverage of the issues and “revolutionary”  (read: Marxist or Satanic) spirit for decades.    See for instance Why Not Give to the CCHD? and click through the related posts to discover the many reports and work Stephanie Block has done in exposing the underground.

Podesta would be an of an “Elite” and Alleged Pedophilia

There are numerous reports out there alleging Podesta organizes a child sex trafficking ring.  For instance, one documentary on Netflix, The Keepers, makes claims that Podesta is connected to a government pedophile ring, among other things, including connections to the Vatican.  I have no idea if that documentary is any good, but link to it here illustrating the numerous similar claims out there.

But these connections seem to be ignored at police investigation levels.  Some say that is because the investigators are controlled by the pedophile ring.

Vatican Connections and the SWIFT blackmail theory?

I mentioned in an earlier speculation post that there is some meat on the bones to the idea that the Vatican was crippled when the United States.  That has been out there, even backed up by an Italian Archbishop earlier this year (Italian article).  More specifically, in my book earlier speculation, I mentioned that the focus on pedophilia shifted from the Vatican and onto United States officials at that time.

Ping Pong Between Vatican and US Focus

Last month, the report that a homosexual debauchery in a Vatican apartment had been raided by Italian police was quickly covered up by other news.  I mentioned that it was strange how quickly several other news topics were thrown out by the Vatican.  First, the news about Cardinal Mueller and the strange reports that the Pope asked him five questions and Mueller denying them.

Then, the strangest thing happened that has consumed the Catholic commentary circuit for a couple weeks.  Spokesman Spadaro singled out a few feisty people in the United States (and they have since obliged and been complaining about being targeted) and there was the bombshell incendiary by which us Americans were called hateful for wanting to protect our borders.

I stand by my earlier suspicion.  It is a long running premise of Public Relations that if you don’t like what the public is talking about, then give them something to talk about.

Spadaro appeared to be trolling Catholic bloggers AND US political commentators all at the same time.  And it worked.  Many egos have been stroking themselves at the new found attention of being mentioned by the Vatican.

Catholic World Report merely called Spadaro’s article strange.  That’s because they were analyzing the content, rather than analyzing the purpose.  I think the article was a weapon that did exactly what it was intended to do.  It lit everybody up.  It was a PR molotov cocktail.

 It gave everyone something to talk about.

Why?  Because they didn’t like what everyone was talking about before.

But did anyone notice that the pedophilia focus, which was bouncing between the Vatican and the United States has shifted back to the US?  (well, kind of).

No more talk about Cardinal Pell, and no talk about homosexual debauchery in the Vatican.  We’re too busy being offended by the flame war with Spadaro, apparently.

Vatican Bank Auditor Resigned

Lost in all that hype is the fact that right around the same time as the police raid, the Vatican Bank auditor resigned.  CNA reported it on June 20:

“In an unexpected move in the Holy See’s ongoing financial reform, the Vatican announced on Tuesday the resignation of Libero Milone, General Auditor of the Holy See, effective immediately.  The brief Vatican statement simply said that Libero Milone had offered his resignation, and that the Vatican had accepted it.”

Why hasn’t there been any substantial discussion of that?

Pope Francis promised to clean up the Vatican Bank, and the auditor seems to be an integral part of cleaning up.  The allegations against Cardinal Pell came out right about then as well (more ping pong).

Are Bankers at the Center of the Pedophile Ring?

I have no idea, but the pedophilia and the banking issues keep tangling up.  Back in April, conspiracy sites were reporting that a dutch banker named Ronald Bernard was whistleblowing that he no longer wanted to be in the banking elite, and that pedophilia was rampant among them.  He alleges luciferianism is the norm among the elite.  (that seems self-evident that if the pedophilia is rampant, then luciferianism is as well)  If his allegations are true, then we might suspect that the Vatican Bank troubles are related to the pedophilia.

In fact, we might say that it would match Pope Francis’s name of a “sacrilegious cult.”  That seems like a fitting moniker for luciferianism.

Pedophilia, it seems, is just a symptom of the sacrilegious cult, of luciferianism, that is.


Will Trump Out the Rest of the Pedophilia Ring?

If that report on Putin’s expectation that Trump name the pedophile elites is true, then we should start seeing something.  We just don’t know if it will be from Trump or from Putin.

In February, it was reported in alternate news sources that since Trump took office more than 1500 arrest of pedophiles had been made.  Again in May, another 900 – see report in Russia Today.  A lone gunman out there, the “fireman prophet”, claims 3000 arrests have been made and soon Hillary Clinton will be among them.

Those arrests don’t seem to be of the elites so far.  And they happened before the Putin ultimatum reported to have been delivered at the beginning of the month at the G20 meeting.

If it’s true, then how far into the Vatican would such “names” go?

I guess we’ll have to watch and see.

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  • Joan Pernicano says:

    “I mentioned in an earlier speculation post that there is some meat on the bones to the idea that the Vatican was crippled when the United States.” What’s the rest of the sentence? I’m on pins and needles. Just kidding, but I am really curious.

  • Paula says:

    The source you pulled it from has a story about a Mexico pedophile priests that has been picked up by several on-line “news’ organizations (?) and the story is not true. The Archdiocese has stated that there is no priest with the ‘accused’ names in their archdiocese etc. It also appears there is within this area a political battle and it is speculated the opposition has planted the story. Anyway, just saying not all ‘news’ sources are honest or have done their duty of due diligence.

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