Blessing of Easter Food

About that Easter Basket Later this week

By John B. Manos / March 21, 2016 /

Over the years, John DeJak and I post regular pictures and sonnets of praise and admiration for our Easter baskets. This old tradition in Mother Church has the faithful bringing special food to the Church on Holy Saturday to be blessed by the priest to provide food fitting for that first breakfast that breaks the fast…

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Święconka tradition emulates the very first Easter – 7 foods, and Holy Saturday Blessing of Food

By John B. Manos / March 30, 2013 /

Holy Saturday, Easter baskets, and blessed food for first Easter meal. With the prayers usually prayed by the priest over the seven foods traditionally in the basket.

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Holy Saturday and The Blessing of the Easter Food

By John M. DeJak / March 27, 2013 /

My grandfather’s sister, my great-Aunt Ann, was a formidable old Slovenian spinster. A woman who suffered greatly, she had no natural children of her own and lost her husband when his airplane crashed in the Pacific during World War II. She was a force to be reckoned with during her whole life and when she…

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