About that Easter Basket Later this week

Over the years, John DeJak and I post regular pictures and sonnets of praise and admiration for our Easter baskets. This old tradition in Mother Church has the faithful bringing special food to the Church on Holy Saturday to be blessed by the priest to provide food fitting for that first breakfast that breaks the fast of lent.

If you do not do this, you should. Think about it. Especially in times past, the lent fast was rigorous…  No meat, no dairy, and not much of anything! How much more does such a fast build anticipation for foods abstained from, but also of a new life! This tradition can also help your children to learn to practice lent, and be excited for easter.  Just taking the basket to be blessed by the priest makes the food something set apart and special. Your children will learn that special things come by way of the Church, and through Easter. That special practice will follow them through their years as an annual event they seek with fondness.

The prayers of blessing are on this post.

Encourage your priest, or find a parish with food blessings. In Polish, this is called Swięczonka. You may see or hear of people asking about basket blessings. So that you can gather the items, we put together a little graphic, together with what these items mean.

BF 7 foods of easter basket copy


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