Footnote 12. Counterfeiting is a crime — unless you do it legally.

By Christopher Manion / December 6, 2012 /

Counterfeiters multiply during the Christmas season – but in Washington DC, it’s Christmas every day!

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Footnote 11 – Is Social Justice Compatible with Charity?

By Christopher Manion / December 4, 2012 /

A story told by Archbishop Chaput causes Chris Manion to ask- has social justice replaced virtue these days?

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Footnote 8: Is the Bishops’ Conference Turning the Corner?

By Christopher Manion / November 18, 2012 /

At the annual meeting of the USCCB in Baltimore last week, bishops signaled that the focus on “Social Justice” that has prevailed for several decades might be changing to a focus on teaching the fundamentals of the faith to the faithful.

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Footnote 7: Revenge – Or Love? The Catholic Answer

By Christopher Manion / November 8, 2012 /

In Footnote 7, Chris Manion asks: Can a government based on revenge serve the common good? And is love of country a viable alternative?

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Footnote 6: The Church’s Tax Exemption: Boon? Or Burden?

By Christopher Manion / November 5, 2012 /

In Footnote 6, Christopher Manion looks at the demands of some dissidents who want the government to silence the Catholic Church. Should we let them?

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Footnote 5: Should Catholic Voters Care About The Truth?

By Christopher Manion / October 29, 2012 /

In Footnote 5, Dr. Manion explores why Catholic bishops are taking moral truths seriously these days, and some “comfortable Catholics” find that – uncomfortable!

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Footnote 4: Eternal Truths, Practical Consequences

By Christopher Manion / October 23, 2012 /

In this episode of Footnote, Dr. Manion discusses how Pope Benedict pleads with our bishops to teach all the truths of the Faith, even the “hard parts.” Is that just an abstract appeal to teach some theoretical moral maxims? Hardly. Mary Eberstadt explains how the Church’s failure to teach Humanae Vitae contributed to some very practical, and drastic, consequences for the Church.

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Footnote 2: Feminism’s Bitter Pill

By Christopher Manion / October 4, 2012 /

This week, we examine the impact of the sexual revolution on American culture through the eyes of social scientists, in view of Catholic doctrine.

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