Humanae Vitae

Did USCCB Inclusive Language Cause the Androgynous Mess at Humanae Vitae’s 50 year Anniversary?

By John B. Manos / July 25, 2018 /

Today is the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae. For us, we know the truth is the truth today as it was then. It predicted the mess of problems we see today. Several news outlets are carrying articles today about the fact that the #MeToo movement, where women speak out about sexual abuse and label it with the #MeToo…

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The Inconvenient Truth for Liberals in Laudato Si

By Terri Aluise / June 17, 2015 /

By Guest Author Terri Aluise The Vatican is set to release Pope Francis’ much anticipated encyclical Laudato Si on Thursday. A leaked draft version of the encyclical was released earlier this week and shows that Pope Francis believes that man is the primary cause of climate change. Not surprisingly, Conservatives are already in an uproar…

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From Under the Rubble…Father Time

By Christopher Manion / December 30, 2013 /

  “The Holy Father lives in Rome, Why won’t Daddy live at home?” Welfare Lullaby It’s been a great year for the Holy Father. But a lot of fathers haven’t been so lucky. Or so holy. “In 1960, fewer than one in 10 children lived in a single-parent home,” writes Dr. Patrick Fagan, one of…

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The Catechism of Hockey–“Check” It Out!

By John M. DeJak / December 2, 2013 /

It is a pleasure for the Bellarmine Forum to take part in this “blog tour” of an important new book just recently published!  Readers of the Bellarmine Forum may know Alyssa Bormes as a woman whose life was changed through her reading of Humanae Vitae.  Indeed, as she says, “Humanae Vitae changed my life!”  She…

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Footnote 40: Professor Charlie Rice on His Book, Right or Wrong

By Christopher Manion / August 17, 2013 / Play in new window | DownloadFootnote discusses Right or Wrong, the impressive new book by Bellarmine Forum Chairman Charles E. Rice, professor of Constitutional Law at Notre Dame Law School. What is Notre Dame’s approach to Church teaching, especially Humanae Vitae?

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Lutherans Discuss Fr. Sauppé’s Article — Matt Abbott Tips His Hat

By John B. Manos / August 12, 2013 /

It’s pretty interesting that our post from Fr. Sauppé continues to capture people’s interest and stir discussion in so many places. Today, a Missouri Synod Lutheran page linked to it, and nearly 1000 people came to read and discuss whether contraception is really at the heart of the mess. A few blog posts have spun off of…

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From Under the Rubble…Two Views From The Golden Dome

By Christopher Manion / August 9, 2013 /

Right or Wrong – 40 Years Inside Notre Dame Charles E. Rice; St. Augustine’s Press, $35.00 For Notre Dame Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C., St. Augustine’s Press, $17.00 Today the Rubble features two books that offer serious and uniquely informed insights into Notre Dame. Dr. Charles Rice has taught at Notre Dame Law School since 1969. His…

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Janet Smith on Humanae Vitae at 45

By Christopher Manion / August 1, 2013 /

A refreshing look from premier defender of life, founder of the Women’s Care Center and Professor who holds the Father Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Be sure to see the letter written by Padre Pio to Pope Paul VI two months after the promulgation of the…

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From Under the Rubble…Soma for the Sexually Comatose

By Christopher Manion / July 25, 2013 /

Folks don’t normally talk about contraception in polite company, they just quietly use it. But during the 2012 election campaign, a sleazy but brilliantly conceived dog-and-pony show made contraceptives a sudden centerpiece of the liberal campaign agenda. The message was simple: “Contraception is good (you’re using it, aren’t you?), but some nasty old rich men…

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Contraception and the Sovereignty of God (or, Why Acceptance of Humanae Vitae Should Be a Litmus Test for Church Personnel)

By John M. DeJak / July 22, 2013 /

Recently, a priest friend of mine was recounting to me his experience of an appreciation dinner for “liturgical ministers” in the parish where he is an associate.  I must confess, the first image that came to my mind when he said this was the bar scene at Mos Eisley Space Port from the original Star…

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