Legitimate Islam

By John M. DeJak / July 26, 2016 /

In his Regensburg Address, Pope Benedict XVI quoted a Byzantine Emperor’s statements on Islam and considered his words rather “brusque” for modern ears; but I don’t think the pope ever criticized the content of those words as being untruthful. Unfortunately, today has proven once again the accuracy of Emperor Manuel Palaeologus’s observations. Mohammedan terrorists have once again…

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Metz Yeghérn (“The Great Evil”)

By John M. DeJak / April 21, 2015 /

In the summer of 2005, my family and I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian at his home in New Hampshire. I have followed the work of Dr. Kalpakgian since the early nineties. I first recall reading him in the New Oxford Review as a high school senior. At the time, I was being fed a steady…

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Patriarch Sako Schools American Bishops

By John M. DeJak / September 28, 2014 /

“[This American Bishop] is also not experiencing first hand what we are experiencing. In America they put baskets with asylum request forms on church altars during mass. As if the migration of thousands of Iraqi Christians to the US was something to ask God’s blessing for. That’s a strange thing to do and only confuses…

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To Restore What Has Been Seized Unjustly

By John M. DeJak / August 14, 2014 /

If the Christian Religion forbade war altogether, those who sought salutary advice in the Gospel would rather have been counseled to cast aside their arms, and to give up soldiering altogether.   On the contrary, they were told: “Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely, and be content with your wages,” the command to…

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From Under the Rubble…A Plea to America’s Bishops

By Christopher Manion / August 12, 2014 /

Addressing the crowd gathered in St Peter’s Square for the traditional Angelus prayer on August 10th, Pope Francis renewed his call for prayer and concrete assistance for the suffering populations of Iraq. The news reports coming from Iraq leave us in dismay and disbelief.  Thousands of people, including many Christians, driven from their homes in…

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