Patriarch Sako Schools American Bishops

“[This American Bishop] is also not experiencing first hand what we are experiencing. In America they put baskets with asylum request forms on church altars during mass. As if the migration of thousands of Iraqi Christians to the US was something to ask God’s blessing for. That’s a strange thing to do and only confuses people’s faith. Unfortunately, some members of the clergy turn into businessmen instead of remaining shepherds of souls. They think in business instead of evangelical terms, even in relation to faithful.”  [Emphasis added]

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Screenshot of the Vatican Insider Article -- click the picture to go to the archived article.

[Ed. note 2023: The original article to which this was linked is now on the wayback machine here. In the event that the archive disappears, in the interest of preserving the documentary value and news value of the interview and event, we will post the archive here.]

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