Lent Preparation: Earn an eternal merit badge this year

By John B. Manos / February 26, 2014 /

I’ve written before on the notion of lent being a time to fast and on the power of fasting to cast demons away. Today, people have totally shifted their concept and consider a fast “too much.”  Those who say that have that luxury only today because the Church has mitigated the impact of the second law. Consider…

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Do the American Bishops hate fasting?

By John B. Manos / February 24, 2014 /

I was shell shocked today by an omission I can hardly believe. At Mass, I heard the Gospel about the possessed boy out of whom the Apostles could not drive the demon. We all know the tale:  Our Lord drives the demon out, and the Apostles ask, “Why could we not drive out the demon?”  And Our…

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You should read this: The Life of St. Mary of Egypt

By John B. Manos / March 20, 2013 /

The Story of Saint Mary of Egypt and Father Zosimas is a perennially rich source of grace for lent. Enjoy reading this with your family this week.

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The Lord of All to the Emperor of Sand and Dust–“You WILL let my people go.”

By wffguest / February 22, 2013 /

Ed. Note. The Bellarmine Forum is pleased to present the Homily of Fr. John Paul Erickson, Director of Worship for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and priest of the Church of Saint Agnes. This homily was delivered on Quadragesima Sunday (The First Sunday of Lent, 2013) at the Church of Saint Agnes. Father…

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Icon of Jesus Tempted in the Desert

Of Lent Past, when Fasts Meant Fast, see what we’ve lost

By John B. Manos / February 17, 2012 /

From time to time I think there’s merit to re-evaluate where we are today against practices of the past. To comb the deposit of faith for gems that can illumine why we do things. Now that pre-lent is nearly gone, and we enter lent proper, I’m posting some passages about lent published in 1890 for your edification.…

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