The Smoke of Satan

By Cindy Paslawski / January 25, 2013 /

Yet another hit on serious Catholics and Christians. On January 22, President Obama reaffirmed his support for Roe v. Wade saying the government should not intrude in this most private decision. Coupled with the HHS directive requiring health insurers to cover contraception and abortion taking effect this month, and the Inaugural Address support of homosexual…

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From Under the Rubble…Cliff Notes

By Christopher Manion / January 3, 2013 /

With the passage of the Cliff Fix, Obama has completed the de facto abrogation of the Constitution. In that document, Congress holds first priority: Article One, Section 8, Clause 1 confers upon Congress – specifically the House of Representatives – the taxing power. Moreover, under Article One, Section 7, Clause 1, bills raising revenue must…

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From Under the Rubble…The Coverup Kid

By Christopher Manion / November 14, 2012 /

The unfolding Petraeus scandal is raining on Obama’s victory parade. The administration successfully covered up the truth about the disaster at the U.S. embassy in Benghazi and the unauthorized “liaisons” at CIA headquarters in Langley until after the election, but, as usual in Washington, the cover-up is greater than the crime. Republicans are crying “foul,”…

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Footnote 7: Revenge – Or Love? The Catholic Answer

By Christopher Manion / November 8, 2012 /

In Footnote 7, Chris Manion asks: Can a government based on revenge serve the common good? And is love of country a viable alternative?

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From our Mailbag: A Reader in Canada Questions Dolan

By Cindy Paslawski / August 9, 2012 /

An astute observation came to our email from a reader who signed the Petition for the Campaign for Humanae Vitae, that we felt compelled to share here. Dear Bellarmine Forum. Thank you for the opportunity to sign the Humanae Vitae petition from Canada. I am pleased to do so. I was surprised and am concerned…

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Obama’s “Accommodation”

By Charles E. Rice / February 12, 2012 /

The February 10th statement of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops noted that President Obama, in revising his health care mandate, “has decided to retain HHS’s nationwide mandate of insurance coverage of sterilization and contraception, including some abortifacients.” His decree “would still mandate that all insurers must include coverage for the objectionable services in…

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The HHS Mandate: Obama Regime Claims the Prerogative of God

By Charles E. Rice / February 5, 2012 /

On January 20, 2012, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius ordered that, effective August 1, 2012, health insurance must cover preventive services including all FDA-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity, without charging a co-payment, co-insurance or a deductible. “Nonprofit employers,” said Sebelius, “who, based…

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Waking the Sleeping Giant

By John M. DeJak / January 28, 2012 /

One of the more memorable (and apocryphal) quotes to come out of the Second World War was the quote of Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto, the Japanese commander and mastermind of the attack on Pearl Harbor. After the attack he was supposed to have said: “I fear all we have done is wake a sleeping giant and…

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Notre Dame’s Fr. Jenkins Wants to “Dialogue” When He Should Condemn

By wffguest / January 22, 2012 /

(picture courtesy of the Associated Press) The declining reputation of the flagship Catholic university in the United States continues. Since Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C. cozied up with the most pro-abortion President in United States history two years ago, the University–in the person of her President–has been an open apologist for the leader of a post-Christian…

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