The Smoke of Satan

Yet another hit on serious Catholics and Christians. On January 22, President Obama reaffirmed his support for Roe v. Wade saying the government should not intrude in this most private decision. Coupled with the HHS directive requiring health insurers to cover contraception and abortion taking effect this month, and the Inaugural Address support of homosexual equality and unions (can’t call it marriage, folks, there is no complementarity), the agenda is becoming more obvious.

The largest opponent of these things the President supports is the Catholic Church And President Obama is getting bolder in his persecution of it.

The Bellarmine Forum/Wanderer Forum made note of the this antipathy in its inaugural issue of The Forum (now the Bellarmine Forum Magazine) in March of 2010. Nearly a year before it happened, The Forum predicted that the opening salvo would come over contraception. Within a year the HHS mandate on contraception was handed down. Check out our issue, The Catholic Church and the Obama Nation and see what we are up against.
Barack Obama

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Cindy Paslawski

  • Peter Rother says:

    Envy came into existence when God showed his Archangel of Light, Lucifer, that he had given his other created beings (people) the gift of joining in creating new life–a power theretofore possessed solely by God. Contraception and abortion are, therefore, truly the Smoke of Satan. Thanks, Cindy.

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