How churches, hymns, and liars lie today – BFP 004

By John B. Manos / August 9, 2017 /

https://media.blubrry.com/bellarmineforumfootnote/bellarmineforum.podbean.com/mf/play/cumykk/bellarmineforumpodcast_bellarmineforum_org_wp-content_uploads_2017_08_BFP-004-How-churches-hymns-and-liars-lie-today-Pius-X-says-be-bold.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode of the Bellarmine Forum podcast, John B. Manos discusses with you the two standards in today’s context: On one side, God is a Person (the Triune Person) – a living person who has thoughts, loves you, and became man. On the other side, God is a…

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Kolbe’s Secret to the Best Month of Mary You’ve Ever Lived

By John B. Manos / May 2, 2016 /

May is the Month of the Blessed Mother Mary. Traditionally, people devoted a special care to do something special for their Blessed mother each day of May. I want to inspire you with “more” you can do and why. Best yet, I want to give you a story of St. Maximillian Kolbe’s secret, and how you can transform…

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The Errors of Russia… Occultism, Theosophy, demon worship

By John B. Manos / March 20, 2015 /

Last year, I had an ambitious multi-part Fatima post series that I never finished. Truth be told, I’ve had a project about twenty years collecting tidbits and collating information. I’ve never been satisfied that “Marxist atheism” adequately describes the errors of Russia in the context of Fatima’s warning that “Russia will spread her errors throughout the world.”…

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March 17 is Perfect for St. Patrick, don’t move this Feast!

By John B. Manos / March 17, 2015 /

Every year I wonder about the draw of so many to the green day. It used to be that you’d see shamrocks and the “Erin go braugh” or more recently, it seems that “luck of the Irish” is the bigger hit anymore, but I don’t see as many shamrocks, more leprechauns than anything else. I think that…

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God Arises, His Enemies Scatter (False Ecumenism at Harvard)

By John B. Manos / May 13, 2014 /

Harvard takes False Ecumenism to its natural end I was rather curious as the news came out last week that a group at Harvard wanted to “study” a satanic ritual. I was surprised that anybody would be surprised that ivy league schools host satan worship. Ever heard of Skull and Bones? That black flag with…

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