Pope Francis SJ

Blasé Cupich?

By John M. DeJak / September 22, 2014 /

When I heard of the announcement of the new Archbishop of Chicago this weekend, I checked my Twitter account. I like Twitter for the fact that I have several news sources that give interesting and up to the minute tweets on newsworthy (and sometimes not so newsworthy) items. So, of course, I wanted to check out the…

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Giving Over the Keys

By John M. DeJak / September 19, 2014 /

The Edgewater Beach Apartments are an interesting sight on Chicago’s north side lakefront. Built in 1928, it was part of a complex that housed the famed Edgewater Beach Hotel which was built in 1916. The pink exterior of the building may strike some as gauche, but it was meant to complement the original Edgewater Beach…

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From Under the Rubble…Gratitude, Government, and Gall

By Christopher Manion / June 2, 2014 /

Voluntary Christian charity results in the natural gratitude of both the benefactor and the beneficiary. “Thank you,” says the man robbed and thrown in the ditch; “No, thank YOU,” says the Good Samaritan — “for giving me the opportunity to serve a brother in Christ.” That’s the way it’s been for centuries in Christendom. But…

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As Pope Lands: Magnitude 6.4 quake strikes Greece, with tremors felt as far as Jordan

By John B. Manos / May 24, 2014 /

Floods, Earthquakes… something apocryphal? As Pope Francis landed in Jordan and is visiting the Holy Land, news reports that Greece had an earthquake felt all the way in Israel. I’m sure someone will connect this to the meeting between Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Francis, but in the meantime, pray for those injured. The Balkans had…

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Francis: Even Aliens are Subject to Jesus, not the other way around

By John B. Manos / May 17, 2014 /

The Bomb tossed into the room of society This past Monday, Pope Francis captured the imagination of the world with his comments during his homily at Casa Maria. Said the Pope: If tomorrow an expedition of aliens from Mars arrives…and one of the green ones with long nose and big ears, like those which children…

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When the Pope Finds “Selfies” Inappropriate

By John M. DeJak / April 13, 2014 /

The intellectually-challenged media loves to report on the Pope posing for “selfies,” but they ignore something more interesting. One of the things that has impressed me about His Holiness Pope Francis from the beginning of his Pontificate is the solemnity with which he celebrates the liturgies of the Church. It is a striking contrast from the previous…

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Pope Francis Through the Lens of St. Ignatius

By admin / March 29, 2014 /

A continuing theme of the Bellarmine Forum’s coverage of the Pope.

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From Under the Rubble…Il Papa’s Not a Rollin’ Stone

By Christopher Manion / January 31, 2014 /

Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, has called Rolling Stone’s recent cover story on Pope Francis superficial, negative, and crude. That’s a good start. “The Times They Are A-Changin’, the title preens. And all change is “progress,” right? As we all know from the history of the past 100 years or…

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Pope Francis Greets Pope Emeritus Benedict for Christmas!

By admin / December 24, 2013 /
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Pope Francis’s 44th Anniversary

By John B. Manos / December 13, 2013 /

Pope Francis was ordained on 13 December 1969. Even though there is a lot of talk about today being the third Friday the 13th this year (2013), it marks his 44th anniversary as a priest, and his ninth month as Pope – recall he became Pope on 13 March 2013. Ad multos annos!

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