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The Problem with Catholic Relief Services

By Stephanie Block / October 9, 2013 /

Unlike the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which was founded to fund left-wing political organizations and has never deviated from that path, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has a long (since 1943) and honorable history of humanitarian service, providing food, clothing and medicines around the world, wherever the need was great. Over time, health care, nutrition…

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Lynching the Population Research Institute

By Stephanie Block / August 16, 2013 /

Florida’s Bishop Lynch gets defensive over complaints against Catholic Relief Services Bishop Robert Lynch, ordinary for the Diocese of St. Petersburg, writes the blog titled For His Friends. On August 7, he posted “Hurricane Heading towards Africa,” an article in which he excoriates the Population Research Institute (PRI) for revealing that several African bishops have…

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Footnote 39: an interview with Father Linus Clovis

By Christopher Manion / July 15, 2013 /

Besides allegedly funding the Syrian rebels and providing them with the bombs that are destroying Catholic and Orthodox churches in Syria, your tax dollars are used to aggressively push an anti-life agenda in the Third World. Hear direct reports from Fr. Peter Clovis.

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