The Tragic Comedy of Dehellenized Vocabulary

By John B. Manos / November 6, 2013 /

Or, how classical Platonists and modern neoplatonists interpret Theology of the Body topics. In his Regensberg lecture, Pope Benedict complained that we are now encountering the dehellenization of society. That one word has so much import that we could fill books speaking of the ramifications, but in my amateur capacity, I like to summarize what…

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Gay Marriage is ‘A Sign of Apocalypse’: Russian Patriarch Kiril Speaks His Mind

By John B. Manos / July 23, 2013 /

In America, we are all too familiar with the scene where one person speaks their mind and states an opinion contrary to what others perceive to be the “correct” thing to say. Immediately, that person will be jumped on verbally and accused of being any various number of things, “arrogant,” “intolerant,” or worse, sometimes they…

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