The “Catholic Vote” and Other Myths

Charles Molineaux, longtime friend of the Forum, analyzes the “Catholic vote,” the rise of secularism, and the lingering scourge of clericalism in an important article for Crisis Magazine.


“Since the presumed high water mark of the Kennedy election,” Molineaux writes, “the seeming solidity of Catholic laity has been dissipated by several factors, principally three:  confusion following Vatican II; the issuance of Humanae Vitae in 1968; and the abuse-and-coverup scandals which emerged starting in 2002.

“The result has also been threefold: Catholics are not following Church teaching; ‘Catholic’ politicians are both publicly dissenting and voting contrary to Catholic principles, usually without correction from their bishops; and Catholics are walking away from the Church. Where should we be?”

Read the very interesting article in full here.

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Christopher Manion

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