The Wreckovators say the silliest things… Our Saviour NYC Sanctuary Lamps gone for a year “for cleaning”

Last year, when the wreckovation of Our Saviour parish in NYC began, one the early things that happened, in addition to the things I mentioned here, was that the new pastor said that the sanctuary lamps had been removed, “for cleaning.”

Mr. Samuel J. Howard provided me with the following picture of the BEFORE, notice the sanctuary lamps hanging from the baldachino:

Our Saviour Parish NYC Before

And here is a picture from just a couple weeks ago — notice that the lamps are still “Being cleaned”?

Our Saviour Parish NYC After

Speaking from experience, those lamps could have been sent to Mt. Athos on a slow boat for cleaning and would have already been returned well before a year had passed.

Reports on twitter state that the Archdiocese of New York requires parishioners to be catechized to explain renovations to “Worship space”, yet, no answers have been given on the status of the lamps.

Where are they? Please, dear readers, look under your beds and in your closets to see if those lamps were maybe misplaced at your house and let us know if you found them. Apparently, the parish doesn’t know where they are, so maybe we can help.

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John B. Manos

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  • An Interested Party says:

    You may be interested in further reporting on this matter at First Things, and further details in the comments:

    • John B. Manos says:

      Yes, thanks. I commented on it here (pending approval by First Things mod). I have to admit that I was a little surprised not to see a link to our posts on this matter. Nevertheless, the comments there really show how stupid some of the defenders of AmChurch wreckovation really are.

      For the sake of easy reading, here’s the comment I left there:

      In a string of several posts on this topic, it is good to see the artist of the icons get involved. Unlike the baseless charge of Mr. Kellmeyer above that this pastor today has unfettered discretion, he is duty bound to be a steward of the public trust he is now pastor of. Part of that stewardship involves caring for the items donated to the parish during previous pastors. A previous pastor accepted donations to make the improvements. Those improvements became fixtures of the Church. To remove the icons raises questions about the duty to care for the previous donation. I suspect that because of this duty, the icons are now stored in the church. How stupid is that, really? Stored? in the basement? For heaven’s sake — who goes in the basement????

      The string of posts I wrote on this throughout this year, include this one that mentions other silly things going on since this pastor has decided to, in my opinion, run roughshod over the care of this parish church:

      with a link back to this post.

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