Tempting Akita’s Fire: AmChurch Wreckovations, Hare Krishnas, and Tokyo St. Ignatius Removes Kneelers

By John B. Manos / November 8, 2015 /

Back in the 90s, I remember seeing images of then Archbishop Rembert Weakland donning a miter that bore an upside down triangle with a rainbow and a rainbow chasuble. During those years, it was common to hear rumors of Churches being “renovated” and the end result being white washed interiors and sanctuaries being leveled and converted…

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Yes, it’s Bad, but Stop Belly Aching and Start Acting like a Soldier of Christ

By John B. Manos / August 13, 2015 /

It was a changing point in my life: “Lord, I feel really bad for you because I can leave this place, but You can’t!” I’ve never really looked at things the same ever since then. I had walked into a new parish to me in Michigan, one that was close to where I lived, and was…

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ACTION ALERT! AmChurch Meat Grinder returns to Church of Our Saviour in New York

By John B. Manos / July 21, 2015 /

Over the decades, I have encountered the lame, stupid, and frankly tendentious “excuses” given by the apparatchiks of destruction, the front men for the insatiable beast of hell otherwise known as AmChurch (see, e.g. this post). The most inane tripe is passed off on the authority of a position to do the most treacherous things. For instance,…

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The Wreckovators say the silliest things… Our Saviour NYC Sanctuary Lamps gone for a year “for cleaning”

By John B. Manos / September 11, 2014 /

Last year, when the wreckovation of Our Saviour parish in NYC began, one the early things that happened, in addition to the things I mentioned here, was that the new pastor said that the sanctuary lamps had been removed, “for cleaning.” Mr. Samuel J. Howard provided me with the following picture of the BEFORE, notice…

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Who Needs Isis? AmChurch Meat Grinder Hitting Our Saviour Church NYC?

By John B. Manos / August 24, 2014 /

Another thing I’ve seen over and over for the past twenty years and more is the politely stated, politically correct, and sensitive velvet glove that is worn on the outside of a giant destructive machine known as AmChurch. These guys come in with a smile and speak of pastoral needs, concern for the poor, and…

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What Really Killed the Catholic Church in America

By John B. Manos / May 2, 2013 /

Appearing on a heavily trafficked blog today is an article by Fr. Dwight Longenecker titled What’s Killing American Catholicism.  In it, Father Longenecker says two things worthy of note: Ethnic Parishes destroyed America (!).  Literally, he says “The first problem is cultural Catholicism”.  I am flabbergasted and nearly speechless at the ignorance of this statement.…

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